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   Chapter 64 The War Among Three Women

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 3685

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:32

His gaze pierced through her body and landed in an unknown space. Then he was immersed in a flash in an unknown memory, which was about him and the girl with the courage that made him suffer from a hidden disease.

Hearing what Leila said, Essie's heart twisted. All of a sudden, the necklace that had attracted her became a little dazzling.

Essie didn't expect that freezing guy would design this. He must love her very much and care about her so much? How sweet, how passionate their love was? She couldn't imagine, and she didn't want to. A complex and indescribable feeling crept into her heart like a poisonous snake that was spitting out the core from her back, and entangled her heart round and round, almost suffocating her.

She didn't know what was wrong with her and just thought that it was due to the weight on the task assigned by Mandy. He had sworn to love her forever and placed obstacles in their way. That was too immoderate?

When she sighed in her heart, a beautiful woman came to her side. "Zac." She greeted him first.

There was a glimmer of light in Essie's sad eyes. "M


Taking a sip of coffee slowly, Leila looked at her with contemptuous eyes and said, "I grew up with Zac. He was my first love and I was his first love too. Our love is irreplaceable."

It turns out to be your first love. No wonder you are still unforgettable even when you have broken up! Essie snorted again. She knew clearly that such kind of relationship would not be able to strike down Mandy. After all, she had once kicked her childhood sweetheart out of the Milky way for the sake of glory.

Just as she expected, there was disdainful look on Mandy's face. "If you really love each other, you won't break up, will you?"

The light in Leila's eyes dimmed suddenly. It seemed that her words hit the pain in her heart.

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