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   Chapter 63 I'm Here To Sabotage

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Updated: 2020-01-27 00:22

On the day when Mandy went back from France, she called out Essie.

When she was informed of Zac's ex-girlfriend was coming, she was overwhelmed by a sense of crisis. Therefore, she arranged a task for her close friend and asked her to be the third wheel at the jewelry exhibition. She also secretly messed up the process, making them be together again.

Essie almost fainted. She was just a bitch. Why did she transform into a bitch?

She should have refused, but Mandy threatened her with breaking up relations and forced her to promise.

Today, she wore a light yellow ancient style long dress with black curly hair and a light make-up. It was fresh and refined with green tea, which was her role.

Essie turned around in front of the mirror and nodded her head with satisfaction. The bad supporting girl charged forward and screwed it up!

As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Leila came down.

She was in an ink chiffon skirt, and her curly long hair matched with the bright make-up, making her look as pretty as a picture. However, what attracted Essie most was the necklace around her neck, which was made of blue, green, white pine stones. The design of the necklace was unique and wonderful, and looked like a blooming jasmine from a distance.

She felt that she had seen it before, but she couldn't remember when and where.

Seeing that Essie was sitting on the front passenger seat, Leila frowned. Th


Zac smiled. He liked her frank and honest manner, and he never cheated on her. "It seems that you really appreciate me."

Raising her beautiful lips again, she said, "I really admire your impudence."

"Okay. I'll be more shameless and never feel ashamed." Zac smiled mischievously. Essie looked at him flirtatiously, wondering when he had ever had a line?

The scene that the soldiers talked to each other upset Leila. She felt like she was ignored again.

"Zac, I have never told you a secret." She tried to prove her presence and draw his attention to her.

"What secret?" Zac asked casually.

"At that time, I decided to study jewelry design, because you gave me the necklace personally designed by you." She touched the pinestone necklace around her neck and her curled eyelashes fluttered lightly.

When Zac looked at the necklace around her neck, an unreadable dark light flashed through his eyes.

This necklace

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