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   Chapter 62 Someone Is Peeping In The Opposite

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Updated: 2020-01-27 00:12

"Did I wake you up?" His voice was a little hoarse, maybe because he was caught in the rain.

"Did you change your clothes first?" She pouted. Was he mad at her? Or was he indifferent to her? Wasn't he afraid of getting a cold?

Only then did Zac realize what was going on. He went to the bathroom, took a shower and changed into pajamas.

At first, she didn't want to talk to him, but when she saw his miserable face, she had a bit of sympathy for him. Then she gave him some pills to eat.

"Eat it as soon as possible in case you catch a cold. I don't want to be infected."

He took it over with a smile, "are you not angry anymore?"

"Why should I be angry?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"I shouldn't have left in the middle of the date last night. I thought Leila was badly hurt..." Before he could finish his words, she interrupted, "it doesn't matter, since it is just a mock date." She said in a deliberately casual tone, as if she didn't care it at all.

At the same time, a wave of sadness swept over Zac.

His generosity was totally different from the scene he expected to be furious. The lines he prepared all the way didn't work at all.

'If you were not angry, why did you hang up the phone and turn off the phone?

"Did you go to the bar last night?" He asked tentatively.

She remembered the message she had sent to Zac, so she smiled from ear to ear and pretended to be excited as before. "Yes, I've had a good time last night. Many men are dancing with me."

tack, it would be terrible." "From now on, you should close the curtain when you sleep, lest someone else may see you playing with two women." The booth was a dinner to revenge him for abandoning a "mess" and having a date with his old love.

Zac choked for a while. He was even a little confused in the wind, but soon he changed to an evil and arrogant look. "They are stupid and silly. Many skills don't work. My baby doesn't like them. If I want to play with someone, it must be you."

"No way!" Then she stamped on the door and rushed out. Essie was not a back-up plan. He could do everything to please himself whenever he quarreled with his girlfriend.

At the weekend jewelry show, Leila asked Zac to go with her because of her injured foot.

Essie decided to go with them in embarrassment.

Today, the LED light bulbs of the Zac security team would be installed with countless led light bulbs, and Essie had no choice but to receive the invitation of others to destroy the light.

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