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   Chapter 60 Don't Come To Me

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In fact, she knew him very well. His family seemed to be in harmony on the surface, but in fact there were undercurrent. Although he was the only son of the chairman, he was still a bastard. Mrs. Xia and her three daughters were like tigers. If they did not interfere, he would not be able to recognize his family after graduating from college. They would never let him take charge of the Bella Group.

After his marriage with the Sunny, he would surely have the support of the Sunny's family, which would greatly increase his chances of becoming the successor.

Hanson seemed to know what she was worried about. He smiled and said, "don't worry, I'll find a way to stop it. The worst result is that I fell down again." His words were light, but caused a great disturbance in her heart lake.

Did he fall down on purpose to delay the wedding?

"Senior..." Her heart was trembling, and millions of emotions were surging.

Did he really care so much about her? Could the young man give up such a good counter for her?

She felt a little flattered and even unbelievable. Just like sitting in the flying chariot, she suddenly rushed to the top of the clouds. Her head was heavy, only a strong sense of weightlessness.

He seemed to have read her mind. He turned her face closer and caressed it gently, "you are very important to me, so I can't lose you. Promise me, don't give me up. Give me some time, okay?"

She lowered her head, and for some reason, a figure that should not have existed emerged in her mind. It was like a ghost, wandering everywhere, and successfully attracting her consciousness. Whe

She had no interest in what he was going to say. He was talking with his girlfriend and it was such a crap as coming home early. How could he have time to care about her?

However, the truth was completely different.

At this moment, Zac was shaking his head and smiling bitterly. Although he couldn't see her face, he could imagine that she must have two big cheeks now, and her little mouth was so pouted that it could be filled with oil.

When he tried to make the call again, her phone was powered off.

What the hell!

He suddenly felt nervous. She was not good at drinking at all. What if she was really drunk?

He rushed to a bar nearby to look for her.

no one.

When he called her, her phone was still powered off.

What the hell! Even though she was angry, she should tell him where she was?

Once he thought that she might be harassed by some unknown and wicked man, his beautiful eyebrows twisted into a frown with worry.

No way! He must find her!

He called William, "call all the people who can be mobilized in Yang City for help!"

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