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   Chapter 59 Getting Hurt Intended

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 4156

Updated: 2020-01-26 00:32

What's the hell!

He cursed and took out his phone. When he saw the caller ID, he found it was Leila.

When she was about to hang up the phone, Essie answered the phone and said, "please answer it." She escaped.

"Zac!" "I got injured. I'm in the hospital. I don't know anyone in Yang City. I'm so scared. Can you come over?"

Staying silent for a while, Zac said, "okay."

Hearing that, Essie's heart sank inexplicably. All of a sudden, she regretted answering the phone for him.

"I'll be back as soon as possible." He stroked her head, not knowing whether to comfort her or apologize.

She pursed her lips and wondered if he could come back when he was called by his old lover?

As he walked away, the rooftop became unusually quiet. It was so quiet that she felt very uncomfortable, as if she was the only one left in the world.

Stars were all over the sky. The noisy streets seemed to be setting off her boredom and loneliness.

'If icy guy has a girlfriend, will he have no time to play with me in the future?'

Having lived alone for a long time, she was used to having someone noisy, but when she was used to living with others, she would feel lonely when she was alone.

She sighed slightly, took a few photos of

e fell down on the horse.

"My leg doesn't hurt anymore, but my heart still hurts." He put his hand on his chest.

"Your heart is also hurt?" Her little face tensed.

Seeing that she was nervous, a smile appeared at the corners of Hanson's mouth. He knew that she still cared about him. He said, "I'm not hurt. I'm hurt by you. Whenever I think that you are going to give me up, my heart will be painful."

"No kidding, senior." She lowered her eyes again, and her thick eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings.

He suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand on the bedside. "As long as I don't get married, you won't drive me out of your heart, will you?" His dark eyes sparkled in the light. She was confused.

She looked at him blankly. Her lips trembled, but she did not make a sound.

Could he stay unmarried?

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