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   Chapter 58 You Feed Me

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No! Did he really want to sleep with her?

Seeing that she was so pitiful, he was both angry and amused. As he was about to tease her again, she spoke first, "tonight, I'm going to make a plan for our mock date. Don't disturb me, or else I will screw it up. Don't blame me for that."

Although she knew it was just an excuse, she still remembered their date.

An unnoticeable smile crept on Zac's handsome face. "Okay, I'll give you one night. If you can't satisfy me, you have to do it again."

"I know." Then she slammed the door.

She narrowly escaped a disaster!

Of course, ice house couldn't be manipulated by a random excuse. The dating had to be put on the agenda.

At dusk of the next day, she invited Zac to the rooftop garden.

Seeing the pot and dishes on the stone table, Zac said in a slight sweat: "you've planned for so many days. Are we just having hotpot on the rooftop?"

"Yeah. There are moonlight, stars and lights over my head. Flowers and beautiful scenery are all around. Isn't it romantic yet saving money?" A smile appeared on her face.

No creation, no fun, no sincerity.

Zac crossed his arms, making no secret of the

er eyebrows horizontally and was about to burst into anger, but she took back her words without hesitation and said with a smile, "okay!"

She said with a smile of revenge on her face, "this is called taking the initiative and winning by a surprise. You taught me this."

Zac licked the place where Essie bit and smiled playfully. "It doesn't matter. Beating is a kiss, cursing is love." While she was distracted, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms. "No beating or cursing. It's too boring to have a date."

But he was stopped by her small hand. "If you dare to break the rules again, I will not spare you."

"The more you fight, the deeper your love will be." He broke free from her grip and grabbed her chin, but her phone rang before he could do that.

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