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   Chapter 57 Eat And Sleep With Her

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Updated: 2020-01-26 00:12

"I know, aunt. I'll be back soon." Zac interrupted her. He didn't want to hear or talk about what was coming to his mind.

In the bar, Essie refilled Leila's glass and asked, "are you Zac's ex-girlfriend?"

A hint of cruelty crossed Leila's eyes. She asked, "are you worried that I will take him away from you?"

Essie waved her hand and said, "I'm not worried about that. I'm just worried that you treat me as your rival."

"What What do you mean? " Leila's face turned red. Was it so obvious?

"Calm down, gorgeous!" With a friendly smile on her face, Essie said in a friendly tone, "I don't have any relationship with him. We're just roommates. Don't take this wrong."

"Roommate?" Essie was shocked.

"Yes. We rent a house together." Essie said in an unconscious tone. She would never break up affectionate couples. Since Zac and Leila were still in love, she didn't want to be a stumbling block on their way. As for their marriage, there was no need to let Leila know about it. Anyway, they were going to get divorced.

Leila stared at her for a moment. Looking at her calm face, Leila knew that she was not lying to tease her at all. What's more, to a woman, it was great luck tha

over. "What responsibility?" She asked, trembling with fear.

The car was parked in the underground garage. He rested one of his hands on the back of the seat, and the other on the window, gesturing her to keep a distance from him. "I promise you will enjoy a full set of service, including eating, drinking, playing and sleeping with me." He said slowly, word by word, in a teasing tone. Her face gradually turned pale. This was the modern version of the farmer and snake. She was kind-hearted enough to save him. Thousands of dollars was paid to him, but he ate her into his stomach.

No humanality!

She went back to her room, took a shower and quickly closed the door to prevent the big bad wolf from breaking in. However, she was still slow. A big hand reached out and pressed the door.

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