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   Chapter 55 Is Your Old Lover Back

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Zac was shocked. Now he understood what the little fool was up to: she thought he sell himself to buy a house and came to rescue her.

He saw another side of her.

Although she looked delicate and weak, deep in her heart, she was full of courage that dared to pierce the sky.

"This is my aunt," He leaned to her ear and explained, in case she would say something more earth shaking.

"Aunt?" "Aunt?" Essie was shocked again

"Yes." He nodded.

What a huge mistake!

She was so embarrassed that she almost wanted to dig a hole. If there was a space teleportation beside, she would definitely jump up without hesitation and fly straight to the universe. She would never return.

Marci knew what she meant. She frowned and said, "who do you think I am?"

Essie, who was always smart and quick to react, scratched her head. She turned her black beautiful eyes around and said, "you are so young and beautiful, and you look at the age of twenty-five at most. You are not like his aunt at all. I thought he made friends with a beauty." Her words not only complimented her, but also cleverly saved her from the embarrassment.

Marci smiled and said, "so you need to support him and fight me out, a rival in love?"

Essie stuck out her tongue again and hastily took up a glass of wine on the table. She poured a glass of wine and said, "aunt, it's my first time to meet you. I'm sorry that I offended you so much. I'd like to propose a toast to you first."

After saying that, she raised her head and drank the wine in one gulp, looking very generous.

Marci's feeling increased greatly. "Come on, don't stand there. Sit down."

Sitting next to Zac, Essie couldn't help feeling sorry for the 2, 000 dollars she had just wasted.

It was too rash!

She thought that she should make further investigation before taking actions.

Two thousand for not

this moment, she was almost sure that she was the ex-girlfriend of Zac, and that they had kept in touch.

Somehow, her heart sank. Like a free fall, she fell from the sky a million feet to the bottom of the eastern region crack.

He came to meet his old lover. Why was she here?

She quietly stood in the middle of the hall, like a LED light bulb to disturb them from catching up.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom."

She excused herself to leave and find a place to calm down.

Looking at her back, there was a deep color on the face of Marci. "Doesn't she know who you are?"

Zac shook his head, "you have to keep it a secret for me."

The little fool had just moved a little bit closer to him. If he suddenly confessed his identity to her, it was very likely to scare her away. He had to wait until she completely trusted him and was willing to trust him. Now it was better to enjoy the feeling of being raised by her.

Hearing this, Leila felt a little comforted. They were still in the initial stage of their relationship because he didn't fall in love with her and just had a little crush on her. What she cared about more was the things happened in Dragon City.

"Zac, do you have any way to deal with Valery?"

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