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   Chapter 54 A Protector

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After he left, she took out the bank card hidden in the suitcase.

Lucy gave it to her before she came back home. It is the money from her real father. If she was in trouble, she could take it out for help.

She had never checked how much money there was in the card, nor did she ask about it. But the money she was going to pay for the room was enough for her.

All these years, she had never thought to spend a penny on it. She just wanted to give it back to that man when she became famous someday.

There was an emergency, so she had to borrow the money.

Jade Pearl Pub

It was one of the most special night clubs in Yang City.

When she entered, she searched for a long time. Finally, she found Zac and that rich woman in a dim corner.

Once she made her way to the DJ stage, she gave the DJ 2, 000 dollars and told him that she would confess her love to a man today and that she could borrow the stage for a while.

The DJ quickly agreed. After a loud music, the stage became quiet. The photographer raised Essie's face and turned it to the screen.

"Frozen guy --" she sho

in his arms,. He would announce to the world that this was his woman and no one could take her away!

The audience burst into cheers and applause again.

Again, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and for the first time, she gave him a real and active response. She was going to scare off the rich ladies on the stage.

Half an hour later, the two of them went back to their seats. Both of their eyes were full of indescribable feelings.

Seeing this lady, Essie rushed to ward off Zac and opened her arms to protect him. "He's my man. Don't even think about fooling him. How much money did he borrow from you? I'll pay it back for him!" After saying that, she put the bank card on the table, looking very domineering.

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