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   Chapter 53 The Handsome Guy Was Going To Be Eaten

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:22

Zac and the woman got on the Rolls-Royce and soon disappeared at the end of the road. Far away from them, Essie kept staring at them. It took her a long time to react.

Did it mean that he could not make money by hyping up shares? Or could freezing guy sell him for that apartment?

She scratched her head and paced back and forth. The more she thought, the more possible it was.

It was all her fault!

His self-esteem had suffered a lot from what aunt Wendy had said. If she still forced him to sign the property agreement, it would be like rubbing salt into his wound. He would finally lose his self-esteem.

Although an icehouse looked cold and sharp, he was simple in mind. He gave her the credit card easily and didn't worry when the property ownership certificate was wrong with her name. It seemed that he didn't care about others' feelings at all.

Now, he was afraid that he would be tortured by the old rich woman.

All kinds of terrifying illusions came to her mind. The more she thought, the more crazy she felt. And the more she thought, the more uncomfortable she was.

No, she couldn't allow it to happen. She must help Zac haw berries in any way!

As soon as she got home, she took out her cellphone and dialed the number of Zac, "Zac, where are you now?"

"What's wrong?" His voice was so low that it seemed like he didn't want a lady beside him to hear it.

"My stomach hurts. Come back quickly. I'm dying of pain!" She pretended to cry as she spoke.

"I'll be right back."

Zac was much faster than she had expected. As soon as she heard the sound of door opening, she immediately picked up the eye drops and dripped two drops into her eyes, pretending to be tearful. Then she covered her stomach with her hands and lay on the bed. "Oh, my God.".

"Let me take you to the hospital." With a serious look on his handsom

e old rich woman must want to get him drunk so that she can play a trick on him.' She thought.

Thinking that he would soon be trampled ruthlessly, she clenched her fists and her finger joints made a noise in the air.

It seemed that Zac felt it. He looked up and hung up the phone in a hurry when he saw her.

"You woke up. Do you still have a stomachache?" He went up the stairs and stopped in front of her.

She shook her head, trying to keep calm, and squeezed out a smile from her stiff mouth. "A friend asked you out to play?"

"No, I won't go." How could he rest assured to go out when he saw her like this.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. It's just a little pain." Her thick eyelashes flickered. "By the way, Mandy just texted me that she would come to see our new house later. Maybe she would ask about Mindy..." She paused on purpose.

There was really a touch of irritable on the face of Zac, "then I'd better go out for two circles before coming back. If anything happens, call me."

"Okay." Hearing that, Essie nodded, while a tinge of cruelty and coldness flashed across her eyes.

Is it in the Jade Pearl Pub? Well, she just wanted to meet this rich woman and settle her account. Then she would pay it all at once!

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