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   Chapter 52 Being A Toy Boy

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:12

"I... I didn't. " Her tongue was tied up, and her brain seemed to stop working. She couldn't even think of a word to respond to him.

"The way you look at me has revealed your idea. You want it." His fingers moved down from her neck to her clothes on her chest. The warmth of his fingertips seemed to burn a big hole in her pajamas, which began to burn her skin and quickly transmitted to her heart. Her whole heart was burning.

"I'm sleepy." She seemed to have lost the ability to fight back. She could only close her eyes and pretend to be dead.

He smiled mischievously and lowered his head to kiss her lightly on the lips. The refreshing smell of body wash pervaded in her breath. The shower gel he used was always the same, like the aroma of the magnolia flowers, clear and delicate, carrying countless magical factors, rushing from the tip of her nose to her body, forcefully invading her cells, and strengthening the effect of the current.

She felt dizzy and weak. Her mind was blank. She had no strength to resist and think. Then he seized the chance and pressed her lips, while skillfully unbuttoned her pajamas.

She felt a little cold in front

rything went on as usual. They didn't need to act or show off.

It seemed that Zac was also freed. He disappeared without trace early in the morning.

So she went shopping at Ikea, intending to buy some accessories.

When passing the luxury five-star hotel in front, she accidentally saw a handsome and familiar figure.

Frozen guy!

She was shocked.

In the morning, when he went out mysteriously, she was a little confused and wondered where he would go. It turned out he was here.

In a five-star hotel, how could he accept a rich friend?

A beautiful lady walked out while she was deep in thought. When she saw him, she smiled brightly and held his arm intimately.

Instantly, Essie's eyes widened.

What was going on?

Does he have a sugar daddy?

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