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   Chapter 51 Wolf Got Her

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5280

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"First, you are my wife. Even if I bought the house, you still have half of it, which is protected by the law and won't be deprived by anyone including me. Second, if you didn't leave the house to me, I would have been worried about my residence every day, so I wouldn't have time and energy to invest in stock market. Second, I won't be able to do that because you give me your good luck to help choose this stock. Otherwise, it was very likely that he would lose all the money he had in buying other things. Don't you think it's perfectly justifiable for you to live here? "

His voice was slow and unhurried, and his voice was full of bewitching magic. It seemed that he was hypnotized, and the more she heard, the more she felt it was reasonable.

She had made great contribution. Without her, he was still a poor hobo. He couldn't even afford a house, let alone a living.

Fine, she could move to live with him until they divorced.

While she was thinking, she smiled. Somehow, she felt happy when she thought that she didn't have to separate with him.

Maybe they had been living together for a long time and got used to it!

As Lucy and Bob didn't come back, she took some orange and sat on the balcony with him, eating and watching the sunset.

"Now that you've bought house, are you going to live on Yang City instead of going back to the Dragon City?" She asked casually.

At the same time, a slight smile was drew at the corners of Zac's mouth. "Marry me and you will follow me, and I'll take you back to Dragon City together with me."

"I don't want to g


The look in her eyes reminded him of the evil woman who had disgusted him many years ago. Others thought he had a special cleanliness, so he had such a strange cleanliness. It was because of the little devil who once did bold moves to him.

A glimmer of light flashing in his eyes, he lifted the quilt and rushed forward as fast as a giant mountain.

She regained her composure in a hurry and answered, "what... What are you doing? "

"Do what you want to do." He was bending his lips.

"I just want to sleep. We have to move tomorrow." She couldn't cry or make any noise now, or her voice would wake up her parents who were sleeping next door. He was as powerful as the moon and the earth. There was a big difference between them in strength, and it was useless to struggle. She had no choice but to obey him.

"Is this playing cat and mouse with me?" His long finger touched her face gently and slowly, like a feather gently skimming over her face. She trembled slightly and felt a flow of electricity spreading through her spine.

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