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   Chapter 49 Be A Room Slave

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In the afternoon, Lucy and Bob went out to see the room.

In the meantime, Essie did a property agreement. It said, "after we get married, the property under each other's name will belong to our own, including various real estate and real estate. After divorce, no one is allowed to divide the property in the other's name

She had thought that Zac would pull a long face when he saw it. But it was out of her expectation that he was calm as a calm lake without any emotions. There was not even a frown on his face.

Was his face muscles stiff because of the stimulation?

She was extremely worried. To be honest, she didn't want to hurt his fragile self-esteem. However, it was hard to predict. In front of money, there were many couples who hurt each other. She had to look ahead!

"Zac, in fact, I didn't mean anything else. You see, many couples are now seriously fighting with each other when they are divorced in order to divide the property. They are like enemies and trample on the last relationship. We bumped into each other by accident. It's inevitable for us to divorce. And we have estimated all possible disputes. By then, we can get along well with each other and continue to be friends. Don't you think so? " Her tone was gentle and tender.

Zac smiled. He was always very confused. As long as it came to money, all the slumbering cells in his brain would suddenly be enlightened. He was smarter than ever. It's a good thing. She's not easy to be deceived, but...

"Honey, that's not fair to you. If we get divorced, I will leave all my belongings to you, without taking anything from you. But when I sign the agreement, why don't I take my belongings with me?"

Putting her hand on her forehead, she felt dizzy!

'Zac, what else do you have except for the clothes in the suitcase? You had nothing when we registered!' All her savings in the house were all hers. When she left, she should have waved her sleeve, not taking a note with her!

She tried to put it in a more euphemistic way. With a gentle smile, she said, "Zac, I never take advantage of others. All your stuff belongs to you. You can take them all with you then, and you don't need to keep even a piece of paper." Then she handed him the pen and asked him to sign his name on it. To her surprise, Zac put the agreement into his pocket and said, "put it here and I'll sign it later."

"Well, don't delay it too long. It needs to be solved in the notarization department." She pouted. If he insisted on fooling her, she would grab his hand at night when he was asleep!

In the next few days, the whole family was busy with house hunting, but they couldn't find anything particularly satisfactory. It was either because of the inconvenient transportation, or because of the insufficient background.

On the weekend, William came there.

"Essie, Zac said that you are going to buy a hou

ry to work.' She thought in her mind. It turned out that he was making money secretly and was lucky enough!

"I didn't expect that you have the ability."

William glanced at her with some sympathy. This Essie really knew nothing about his boss. He was a new God that scared Wall Street. He crumbled a financial crisis in Wall Street at the age of eighteen! After Buffett and Soros growing old, the future king of finance must be his boss.

Lowering his head, Zac smiled and touched her head. "It must be my wife who can take me the best lucky. Since I got married, the stock I bought soared all the way."

Hearing that, Essie was wild with joy. She patted on Zac's shoulder and said, "don't worry. I'll give my good luck to you from now on. You can invest in the stock market and make it a generous one."

William was sweating in his heart. The romantic scene of the decisive boss flirting with his wife was so weird that he had to take time to adapt.

Of course, he could understand that as well.

Zac was always good at deciphering others' mind.

Compared with coercion, he preferred to make people willingly surrender to him and go through fire and water for him.

Therefore, he didn't want to force Essie to stop the wedding with him by money or other means. Instead, he wanted to make her fall in love with him and help him deal with the troublesome problem.

Seeing that their son-in-law insisted, Lucy and Bob didn't say more. As the master of a family, a man still needed to maintain his dignity. If he relied on his father-in-law to buy a house, it would be difficult for him to be proud in front of his wife. So they decided to keep their money and secretly compensate the couple for their food.

A few days later, William brought the property ownership certificate.

However, Essie didn't notice it. When she opened it and was about to peek at the screen, she was shocked by what she saw.

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