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   Chapter 48 Fifty-fifty

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After her bath, she wore long clothes and trousers in fear of exposing a piece of her skin and meet the big bad wolf.

Then, she took out the thumping pillow from the closet and put it in the middle of the bed, making a demarcation line, "let's share the bed fifty-fifty and don't cross the line."

Holding the back of his head with his hands, Zac leaned against the head of the bed in a lazy and evil manner. "Honey, mom and dad just told me that we should hurry up to give them a grandchild."

Essie rolled her eyes and said, "Dad and mom just need to make a few perfunctory remarks. We are not a real couple. It's a big mistake to register. Don't make more mistakes."

He lifted the corners of his mouth gracefully, and his eyes shone with unfathomable dim light. "In fact, I can be responsible to you to the end."

"I didn't want you to be responsible for you," said Essie.

"So you let me get away with this?" His voice was lightly but full of sarcasm.

She was speechless. On the battle of words, she had never been able to gain the upper hand. Zac would make people speechless once he opened his mouth, he can make someone spit blood. It was the general's tongue in the vicious tongue!

She glared at him, turned over, turned her back to him, and pretended to be asleep!

Normally, with a wolf beside, she should have been uneasy and sleepless, but she unexpectedly felt very uncomfortable and inexplicably reassured. She soon fell asleep.

Hearing her light and steady breathing, a wicked smile appeared on his face. He took up the long pillow lying in the center, threw it on the sofa, and then held her in his arms.

Her hair sent out a faint

one month left. We can buy a house with refined decoration and then move in. " Lucy retorted with a faith of buying houses that never wavered on her face.

Essie sighed in secret. She knew her mother well and her mother knew her well, too. Once her mother had made up her mind, she would never be stopped.

As a matter of fact, buying a house was also an investment given to the heavily weakened currency. Based on her current income, she could afford to buy a sixty-square-meter house with two room. But there was one biggest problem that she had to deal with, that was, this fake husband who had been divorced.

After registration, she specially studied the marriage law. The room she bought in the marriage belonged to the marital property, which belonged to both sides. After divorce, she had the right to split half of the property with her husband.

Essie didn't know what Zac was like. What if he fought against her for property when they get divorced?

The hard-earned money of his parents would never be taken away by him, the fake son-in-law!

After she thought it over, an idea came to her.

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