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   Chapter 47 Leaving You In The Dangerous Situation

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Updated: 2020-01-24 00:12

The door of Zac's room was still closed.

She tried to open the door, only to find it unlocked. She peeped inside with her eyes half open.

It was already evening and the sky was dim with no light on in the room.

Zac was standing in front of the window, motionless, like a skeleton. The night wind blew into the window, swaying the curtains wildly beside him, but it didn't arouse his attention.

Although she couldn't see his face, she could imagine that the gloom on his face must be deeper than the twilight outside the window.

She cut an orange into pieces and sneaked inside.

"Zac, I'm back. Would you like to eat orange?"

But the man turned a deaf ear to her.

"This orange is so sweet and fresh." She said softly.

The man still didn't respond, as cold as ice.

"Have a try. I know you like eating orange, so I went to the fruit shop to buy it for you. It's very expensive." Essie acted coquettishly and took the initiative. She peeled an orange and sent it to the man's mouth. When the man didn't open his mouth, she forcefully put it in, completely ignoring his dark eyes. "I have checked carefully with my fire eyes. Those oranges don't contain dye or chemicals."

The man had no choice but to grab her little hand. As soon as his thin lip

opped him. "Zac, move these things to Essie's room. A couple may not sleep in separate rooms all day long. As for your sleeping posture problem, you will get used to it." Although she explained the incident this afternoon, she was still worried and decided to come here in person to ensure that the couple got along well.

Hearing this, Essie's eyes became dark and she almost fainted.

Is she really her mother? How dare he put his daughter into danger?

Zayn opened his arms and put them around her. "Honey, don't worry. I'll kick you as hard as I can at night. I can't sleep if you don't kick me anymore." There was a cunning smile with the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were shining with the light of lion, as if he was ready to eat her little lamb.

She wiped the sweat secretly and thought that she might not sleep well tonight.

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