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   Chapter 46 Whose Car Did You Get On

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"What did you buy?" His voice was still calm, just like a dark wave before the big storm, solemnly and slowly. She thought for a moment and remembered that she had told him that she would go to the supermarket. She rolled her eyes and waved her hand. "The fruit is not fresh, so I didn't buy it."

"Did you forget your wallet?" He snorted, grabbed the wallet from the table and threw it to her.

"Yes Yes, I forgot my wallet. " Embarrassed, she scratched her head and cracked her mouth. She forced herself to smile and pretended to be calm, "where are we going to have dinner tonight?"

"Whatever." He replied faintly.

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at him coldly. She felt that something was wrong with him. Although he wore a poker face, there seemed to be a frosty air hidden in his eyes. It was so cold that she could not help but beat about the bush.

"How about porridge shop? Over there..." Before she finished her words, he turned around and entered the room. Then he slammed the door. He seemed to use so much force that the whole house trembled. Her heart trembled.

Something was wrong.

Perhaps he was stimulated in aunt Wendy's house this morning.

Zac was a man who was good at hiding his thoughts. Her aunt's words are so acid and mean. He pretends to be calm, and his self-esteem may be deeply hurt.

She needed to comfort him.

So she knocked on the door in a hurry.

Since nobody answered her, she said at the door, "Zac, don't take my aunt's words seriously. She is always sharp tong

thing about her admiration for Hanson.

"Really? Are you serious?" Lucy stared at her with sharp eyes.

"Mom, I hate to have an affair just as you do," she added.

With a smile, Bob took her in his arms. "As I said, you're too sensitive. Our daughter is the most obedient girl, and she would never make such a mistake."

Lucy heaved a sigh of relief. She patted the hand of her daughter and said, "don't worry. Zac was at the stairway at that time. He saw it with his own eyes. He looked very angry. There must be some misunderstanding. You have to explain to him as soon as possible."

Every man would think too much when he saw his wife getting on a luxury car of another man.

Essie was shocked again. It turned out that Zac got angry because of that. No wonder that her comfort didn't work.

Now she knew what to do. Just wait and see.

After going out of the hotel, she went to a fruit store first and bought some oranges, which was Zac's favorite fruit. She was ready to launch a sweet attack.

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