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   Chapter 43 No Marriage Without A House

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On the next day, when Lucy and Bob rushed to Essie, she was still in her dream. When the doorbell rang, she ran to open the door with her sleepy eyes and then lay back on the bed.

Lucy looked around and asked, "where is Zac?"

"Sleep in his room." She replied in a daze. After getting off the Ferris wheel, they went to see a movie at midnight and didn't come back until midnight.

"I just saw that he wasn't in the room. He should be out." Lucy paused and added casually, "you didn't sleep together?"

His casual words scared her and made her wide awake. When she was thinking about how to answer her, she heard Bob's voice. "You didn't have a fight with Zac, did you?"

"No, we are fine." She then quickly came up with an excuse, "I didn't sleep well last night. I either snatched the quilt from him or kicked him out of the bed. As a result, he couldn't sleep well and it affected his work. So we usually sleep separately. We'll be together on weekend."

Hearing that, Lucy took a look at her and mumbled, "Essie, once the two of you get along with each other, more or less there will be conflicts between the two of you. You have to overcome that. When you sleep in different beds, the emotional impact will be produced." She said sincerely.

"I know, mom!" It was so embarrassing for her to discuss this topic with her mother. Luckily, her mother didn't live here, otherwise she would force them to live in the same room?

Lucy didn't say anything more. He came here to invite Essie and Zac to have dinner with Essie's aunt.

"Call Zac right now to see if he has time."

"Okay." Essie nodded and took up the phone on the bedside table. When she was about to make the call, she heard the door open. It was Zac. He came in with breakfast in his hands.

When he saw his mother-in-law and father-in-law, he quickly put down the things in his hands and went to pour tea, "uncle, aunt, have you had breakfast?"

"Yes, I have." Lucy smiled and winked at his husband. Bob took the hint and coughed, "we are a family now. Can you change the way you call us?"

Hearing that, Zac was very happy. they admitted that he was their son-in-law!

"Dad, mom!" He immediately corrected himself.

Looking at their mother and father by her side, she was filled with j

a car. Besides, the housing price in Yang City is going up! Who can afford the house price of a young man like us who just went out for a short time? We have to save it step by step! "

"Are you an idiot?" Aunt Wendy sighed, "do you know what home means? You will call it home when you get your own house. Do you know why the birds in the tree make nest first before asking for a marriage? How can a man marry a woman without a house? What qualifications does he have to get married? He was irresponsible and selfish. He even hoped that the woman could be selfless and live a hard life with him. Only a fool like you would be fooled! "

Bob patted her on the hand and said, "you are right. Since they got married, they need to have their own house. It was not only unsafe to rent a house, but also gave free money to others. So, in these two days, I have talked with Lucy. If the Zac's family is in trouble, we can pay down payment to them. We let them buy the house first and settle down. "

Aunt Wendy snorted and thought, 'luckily, Finney found a president. If he were a poor man, I would do whatever I could to force them divorced. A poor man without a house or a car had no right to be my son-in-law.'

"Bob, anyway, you can't raise your daughter for nothing. You must accept the bride price. According to the standard of our tradition, you should at least ask 500, 000 dollars, or adopt him in our family." She paused and looked at Essie. "Essie, don't you forget what you have promised to our family?"

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