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   Chapter 42 A Date Or Imposition

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Updated: 2020-01-23 00:02

To be honest, Essie had never thought that her first date would be with Zac, let alone in the Ferris wheel.

Listening to the beautiful music, looking down at the charming night scene and enjoying the romantic candlelight dinner, she almost forgot the word "simulation" before the date.

Zac cut a piece of steak and fed it into her mouth.

"Yummy!" She smiled gracefully, and the dimples on her cheeks rippled under the candlelight. There was full of joy and childishness in her eyes. After eating the dinner, she looked at him with a wicked smile and asked, "Zac, do you often play this trick on girls?"

He smiled and said, "you are so silly and easily cheated. There won't be a second one."

She sniffed and stuck out her tongue. "I won't be deceived by you. I have the piercing eyes."

He took a sip of champagne and said in a relaxed tone, with confidence in his face, "you know, no matter how powerful Monkey King is, he can't escape from the palm of Buddha!"

Not necessarily! Her beautiful eyes sparkled like stars falling into the lake.

She stood up, approached him and sat on his lap rudely. Her forefinger touched his forehead and swam along the tall nose to his thin lips.

Her black hair was blowing in the night wind and gently across his face. He quivered a little as if an electric shock and could not help reaching out to hold her.

Time seemed to stand still at that moment.

He star

best for her to eat quickly and quietly. Otherwise, she might be too angry to vomit blood.

Thus, she focused on eating and ignored him.

Getting out of the Ferris wheel, she kicked the small stones at her feet and muttered, "it's not a simulated relationship, but a true imposition. He is trying to take advantage of me fair and square!"

He chuckled and raised his thick eyebrows, "you can also take advantage of me."

"Do you think I can take advantage of you?" She pouted.

"It depends on what you want." His tone was meaningful.

Her eyes were into deep sleep.

Right, she couldn't always be at a passive state, but she had to fight for the dominant position in this love relationship. Since it was mock, she would take Zac as the target to accumulate experience.

"I will arrange the next date for you!"

"Okay." He smiled charmingly. "Well, I will wait and see."

Then she looked at him with a weird smile on her face.

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