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   Chapter 40 Seductive Activities Of Women

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In the evening, Essie accompanied her parents back to the hotel. Lying in the apartment alone, Zac felt a little bored and wanted to read a book. He received a text message from her. It said: Zac, come to the bar, which was opposite to our apartment at half past eight. I would stay there.

Zac touched his chin, feeling strange. Because Essie didn't like the pub, so she didn't go there ordinarily. There were only two reasons for her to go to a pub. One was that she was pulled by her two besties, Eva and Mandy, and the other was that she was crossed in love.

Now her parents came to take care of her, how could she go to a bar? Was it because she was under too much pressure at the moment when she was discovered on the register and she needed to relax?

He rushed out of the room at the thought of her weak drinking last time.

In the pub, the lights were flickering, the music was boiling, and the beautiful girls on the stage were dancing enchantingly.

Zac didn't find Essie, so he made a call to her. It was only after the beep on the phone that the phone was hung up. Then a message came, "I have something to deal with temporarily and will be late tonight. You can have a drink first.".

Zac frowned. What trick was she playing? Was she playing the same trick as last time? He sat on the bar counter and ordered a cup of zero degree cocktail. He decided to wait.

Since he came in, many women were watching him. They were attracted by his charm and found him alone without a companion. They were wild with joy and rushed to him to accost him.

However, he didn't even raise his head, thinking they were as cold as air, and as an iceberg sent from the South Pole.

In a corner not far away from him, his father-in-law took a secret photo of his with his mobile phone. Since it was what Lucy had told Bob, she could only judge the score when she saw it with her own eyes. As his son-in-law was so popular that almost all the male customers in the pub were attracted by him. For fear that he couldn't resist the temptation, Bob was nervous. After a while, when he saw that Zac didn't move at all, he was even more satisfied with his daughter's taste!

At this time, Zac stood up. The air was too terrible inside. He decided to wait outside and made a call to Essie by the way.

He didn't know that hi

"Well, I'm pretty and everyone likes me. Countless men are chasing after me, but I don't like them." With her head down and her mouth pouted, she kicked a small stone under her feet subconsciously. In the middle school, she had to be a good girl and concentrate on her study. She met Hanson in the University. He was the most handsome and excellent man she had ever seen. Since then, he had occupied all the space in her heart, and there was no other room for others.

"What kind of man do you like?" Said Zac in a careless tone, touching his chin.

"It's a secret." Essie made a face and teased him. If he know that she was the chairman of appearance Association for eighteen years and she had been infatuated with beautiful boys since childhood, he would certainly try to amuse her with his beauty.

"Never mind!" He snorted. Thinking of Hanson, a flame of sadness was hidden in his eyes. "Anyway, you can only like the way I am now."

'Of course not!'

Essie sniffed and walked forward, ignoring him.

With an evil smile on his face, he dashed forward, grabbed her hand and pulled it back. She stumbled into his arms.

"Let me go." She stared at him in a flirtish manner, and tried hard to break the iron arm around her waist, but he refused to relax. "Essie, I have a suggestion."

"What suggestion?" She raised her eyebrows and looked at his weird face. She had a hunch that he was up to something.

Zayn lowered his head and put his lips close to her ear. The mysterious air was gently caressing her hair like the night wind.

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