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   Chapter 39 An Anthomaniac Smile

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"Essie, you've known Zac for a year and you've got the marriage certificate. Don't you know whether he can drive or not?"

Essie's face turned pale. "Well... Mom, he doesn't have a car, so I haven't asked him whether he knows how to drive or not. "

Hearing that, Lucy pulled a long face and said, "since the whole world can be seen from a grain of sand, this accident means that you don't know each other very well."

"No, we are not. We know each other very well." Essie pouted.

Lucy put down her chopsticks, turning her eyes to Zac, and said seriously, "Zac, tell me how much you know about our Essie."

'Damn it! How could I forget that I should list all my likes and dislikes to him?' Essie thought.

However, zayn was calm and said calmly, "in my opinion, she is a combination of contradictions. She is indifferent in nature, not ambitious, not greedy for money, but she is careful in calculating on money. Every money is very precious, and she never spends it at random. She is very content. A little thing can light up her, which makes her happy for a long time, but she is ambitious in career. Sometimes she is an ambitious womanIt will take a few days to finish the design. It won't stop until it reaches its perfect design. "

He paused, and his eyes fell on Essie, with a gleam of spoiled light in his eyes. "She loves to laugh, and when she is laughing, she will laugh crazily; when she is in deep thoughts, she will hold her chin and squint; when she will laugh with self-mockery, she will twist her lips; when she feels uncomfortable, she will smile with tears in her eyes; when she feels sad and does not want others to know, she will open her mouth and give a very exaggerated fake smile."

He took a sip of tea, pressed his lips and continued, "she also likes crying. She will cry when she is moved a little, but when she is really sad, she will hi

a cold tone and with a doting look. To be honest, he didn't have a thing for her at first. But her every move and smile would always break into his sight and become a charming scenery that attracted him most. They were deeply imprinted in his mind and couldn't be forgotten.

Upon hearing this, Essie's cheeks were puffed up with anger. Though she was touched before, she was out of that mood. She looked at the apple in her hand. It looked like that it was Zac's face. She lowered her head and had a big bite in it in anger. Then she chewed it up and said with great anger: "Zac, you are so mean. Can your ex-girlfriend stand you?"

Zac rolled his eyes and said coldly, "it's none of your business."

Hearing that, Essie frowned and said, "of course it's because they can't stand you, so they break up with you!" Only the crazy bitch like Mandy could tolerate such a cold man.

At this time, Bob and Lucy were preparing to test the moral quality of their son in law. Lucy, who had experienced his ex-husband's betrayal, cared loyalty issues most. However, her son in law was so handsome with flirtatious qualities, so they decided that the first test was about beauty. Whether Zac was a playboy or honest man could be identified by the test.

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