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   Chapter 38 The Secret Was Almost Exposed

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"By rights, I should go back with you to celebrate the new year with my parents in law this year. If I don't go with you, they will ask you various questions and be unhappy. What are you going to do then?"

Exactly! Thinking of this, Essie nodded. Since her parents had already known that, they couldn't get divorced in a short time. Her mother was most concerned about her marriage. In the next six months, she had to take spot checks. If she couldn't see Zac, she would be suspicious.

Why didn't they divorce after a period of time? At least, they could get divorced with the excuse of character discord. After all, if they had flash marriage and flash divorce, they would be charged with taking marriage as a game. Her mother hated this so much that she would probably be so angry that she would take her back to her hometown from Yang City. Then Essie would be strictly guarded and lose her freedom.

She sighed helplessly, "it seems to be the only way."

Zac smiled to himself. His parents in law were really timely rain. He must be filial to them, and try to pass the test smoothly.

When the clock in the hall was about 12 o'clock, a handsome man came over. "Brother, the car has been parked outside."

"Thanks!" With a slight smile, Zac stood up and patted his shoulder. Then he introduced William to Essie, who was stunned. "This is my brother, William."

"You are so beautiful, my sister-in-law. Zac, you have a good taste." Wearing a smile, William answered. Since boss asked him to be his brother, he had to work hard to cooperate.

Essie then looked William up and down. He was also a handsome man. Birds of a feather flock together?

She thought to herself, 'how many wome

staurant, Zac handed the menu he had ordered to the two elders. "Uncle, aunt, I ordered some dishes for you. Do you like them?"

Bob waved his hand and said, "we are not outsiders. We just need to eat some homely food. Don't cost too much."

With her arms around his shoulders, Essie said, "it doesn't matter, Dad. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you are happy with it." Since she could enjoy a 30% discount, why not have a big meal?

The dishes were served very quickly. Seeing that William still didn't come, Essie asked Zac to call him. Zac shrugged and said, "he has something else to do. He won't come but leave the car."

"Leave the car? Then who will drive it? " Again, she was in a state of shock.

"Of course I drive." Zac touched her head with a smile. "We'll borrow the car for a couple of days."

"You can drive?" Essie was shocked and raised her voice involuntarily. Then she realized that she had made a big mistake. When she raised her head and saw the doubts in her parents' eyes, she immediately invited them to eat and shifted their attention.

But the sensitive Lucy would never let her go.

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