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   Chapter 37 Angry

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Updated: 2020-01-21 12:00

The atmosphere in the living room became extremely solemn.

Both Bob and Lucy, especially Lucy, were on the verge of explosion of anger.

Like a child who had done something wrong, Essie lowered her head until the tip of her chin almost touched her chest. How could she explain? This is the things she was afraid of happening most? To be honest, if they said that they had drunk and made a mistake, they would get a divorce in two months, it would be impossible for dad and mom not to be angry!

Zac glanced at Essie's parents. Even though they looked at him as if he was a criminal who had kidnapped their daughter, he decided to answer frankly. "Uncle, aunt, it's really wrong to hide this from you. Essie and I..."

"How long have you known each other?" Lucy interrupted him. She didn't want to listen to his explanation.


"One year!"

Essie said quickly.

Her mother would have fainted on the spot if she said a month!

Bob took a deep breath to calm down, "Essie, tell me honestly, are you going to live together or just out of impulsion?" Nowadays, unexpected flash marriage was popular among young people. He was afraid that his daughter might imitate it and ruin her life.

"Dad, it was not an impulse." To show affection, Essie held Zac's arm with her hands on purpose. She didn't want her pa


"Don't worry." Zac patted her on the shoulder and went out to make the phone call. At the same time, Essie wrote down her parents' like and dislike, so that he would avoid annoying her parents.

When Zac came back and saw what was on the paper, he smiled, "honey, you're so considerate. I have to behave well. But what if my parents in law are too satisfied with me and stop us from getting divorced? What should I do?"

Zac's words shocked her. She believed that they were going to get divorced in three weeks. By then, what if her parents know about it?

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. She felt like a deflated balloon slumped onto the sofa and wanted to cry.

Zac pulled her into his arms and said, "honey, don't divorce until the Spring Festival is over."

Puzzled, Essie asked, "why do we have to wait until the Spring Festival was over?"

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