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   Chapter 36 Exposure

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Zac was shocked. He didn't expect to meet his parents in law so soon. But he soon regained his composure and said, "I'll go with you to pick them up."

"No, thanks. I can go downstairs myself." Waving her hand, Essie said, "don't forget that we're roommates. We're not allowed to tell anyone about our marriage."

It was a great pleasure to meet their daughter. After she graduated from university and came to Yang City, they had never visited her before.

In the living room, Zac had already made tea.

Before her parents could ask, she continued, "his name is Zac, and he is my roommate. We rent the apartment together."

Bob frowned. Although he was not so traditional, it was inconvenient for a single man and a single woman to live together.

Lucy looked at his roommate, trying to figure out the relationship between him and her daughter. Her daughter had never been in love since she was a child. He thought that she should be responsible for her emotional problem and should not let her follow her steps.

"Uncle, aunt, have some tea." Zac poured them two cups of tea and began to peel the fruit.

Bob wandered around in the house. There were three bedrooms and two par


"The architecture?" Lucy said with a smile.

"Yes." Zac nodded and glanced at Essie. She was frowning at him. He was not an architecture. It was obvious that he had chosen cement to lift bricks. However, she controlled herself. She would not expose him.

After the breakfast, Essie and her mother began to clean up the room. Zac made his room for her parents and he made a bed in the work room of Essie.

"Mom, hang your clothes in my closet." Essie dragged the heavy suitcase in.

Lucy meant to tidy up the cabinet so that there was enough room for her daughter. She picked up the canvas bag in the corner and a red cover fell out from it.

"Mom -" Essie screamed again, jumping up like a frog. But it was too late. Lucy had seen the big character on the marriage certificate.

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