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   Chapter 35 Here Comes The Mother In Law

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Though Zac found it soon, it was too late. He coughed with great force, which was extremely hot from the tip of his tongue to his throat.

Essie put the whole bottle of wild pepper into the pot and took them out without anyone noticing.

Seeing Zac's face was flushed and cold water was melted into his mouth, Essie was in a good mood. She picked up the chopsticks and began to eat slowly.

Going back to the table, Zac wore a bitter smile. "Are you feeling better now? Do you want me to punish myself again?"

Essie, however, just snorted in disgust. She didn't feel comfortable at all. As long as she thought of Zac's "cheating" and all his evil deeds last night, she couldn't get over her anger anymore. Her anger was like the lava that had stayed there for many years.

"Clean your room and wash your clothes and sheets by yourself today. You are so dirty. Don't you afraid of catching infectious diseases?" She had thought that Zac was a clean freak. Like any other male single cell animals, he only thought about sex.

Zac took a deep breath. It seemed that if he didn't explain it as soon as possible, he would be no good life in the future.

He smiled,

e saw the caller's ID was her mother, she answered the phone drowsily.

"Essie, are you still sleeping?"

Lucy's voice was soft and kind.

"Yes." Essie said perfunctorily.

"Your father and I are downstairs at your apartment. Ask the security to open the door."


Essie almost rolled down from the bed?

"Where are you?"

"Hardy's Apartment."

"Mom, why didn't you call me before you came here?" Essie felt cold sweat appearing on her forehead, and she had a foreboding of her last mission.

"Don't you want to a surprise?" Lucy laughed.

She was totally frightened! Her mother had done a spot check on them!

She jumped off the bed, quickly put on her clothes and rushed into the room of Zac. "it's over. My parents are here. They are downstairs."

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