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   Chapter 34 Distance Produces Beauty

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The man inside didn't respond, and changed the words, "Earthquake --"

He still didn't respond. Then she said, "there are thieves. Catch the thief!"

An hour later, she lost her words, and her voice was completely hoarse!

Fortunately, the door was finally opened.

Mindy stood at the door, smoothed her hair and pulled her skirt. She smiled at Essie and said, "thank you for playing the music for us." Then he turned to the handsome man inside and said, "honey, you were awesome just now. I'll go first. See you tomorrow night!"

As soon as the door was closed, Essie dashed into the room.

Zac leaned against the head of the bed. When he opened his pajamas, a lazy and satisfied smile played at the corners of his mouth. "What were you playing just now? The disaster training?"

Teach you a lesson!

Essie wanted to scold him again, but she couldn't speak because of her hoarse voice. She could only glare at him fiercely, and then a burst of inexplicable resentment burst into her brain. She bit her lips and raised her fist to hit the wall.

A big hand quickly reached out and covered her hand. "Don't hurt you." He looked at her with pity on his face, which she couldn't see and her mind was filled with the scene he was with the material girl. She was restless and depressed, so she pushed him with brute force and

lm voice, "a love battlefield is like a war battlefield. Before you capture a Male God, you must hide the flaws in your body and let him see the best side of you. Otherwise, your rival will take advantage of the weakness to attack you."

Mandy nodded her head thoughtfully, as if she had been inspired a lot. The next day, she packed up and went back to her apartment.

The shelter finally returned to quiet. Zac was very happy. He lied on the sofa, playing iPad and waiting for his wife to cook lunch.

Essie was still in anger. She gave him a ferocious look and placed the well-made breakfast on the table.

'white tofu, radish, cabbage.

Was this a punishment?'

Zac said nothing but picked up some cabbages with chopsticks and ate them.

Essie looked at him, with a wicked and cold light flashing in her eyes.

Although the dishes were pale, there was a mystery in them.

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