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   Chapter 31 Do You Like Me

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He reached out one hand to hold Essie's waist and threw her swim ring to Mandy with the other. "Hold it. Don't damage it again."

The unexpected news left her speechless. With her forehead oozing sweat, she asked, "what about me? What can I do?" I can't swim at all!'

"You got me!" He smiled evilly and grabbed her arms around his neck.

Flushed with shyness, she stared at him angrily and wanted to kick him to the beach. But she didn't dare to relax her hand. She could only hold him tightly like grasping a life-saving straw.

He smiled mischievously. As he took back his arm from her waist, she fell into his arms.

"If you are afraid of sink, then be obedient. Don't move!" His voice was full of presumptuousness, and this trick was ruthless and shameless enough! Now she was the meat on the chopping block, waiting for him to cut her into pieces.

Seeing the intimate behavior of the two people, Mandy's eyes were bloodshot. She slammed the sea angrily, causing the waves to splash in all directions. Then she screamed and swam to the shore.

"Mandy!" Shouted Essie anxiously at the back, but she couldn't swim to t

be so direct. He was shocked. His lips moved slightly, but did not open. His expression was like a undercurrent at the bottom of the sea, complicated and unpredictable.

A moment of silence stood between them.

They were so close to each other that their eyes reflected each other's figures, but neither of them could see the other's heart.

For no reason, Essie felt stuffy in her chest, which made her feel a little depressed. But she soon calmed herself down. Once the bet with Sunny was done, they would get divorced. Their relationship would only become a burden to them. It was not the best.

The waves pushed a floating ring over to her. She reached out for it and put it on herself. "See? I know you don't like me. You don't like me at all!"

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