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   Chapter 30 Lying To Me!

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When they went back to seats, Mandy took off her sunglasses and summoned up all her courage. She again invited her dream lover, "Zac, let's go to play water, shall we?"

"I play the Fight against Landlords. You go by yourself." Zac stared at the phone without raising his eyes.

Mandy had been refused for many times, so she was a little used to it. She secretly pinched Essie a few times behind her and asked her to help to instigate him.

Essie groaned in her heart. She had been pampered by what happened just now, and she still felt a shadow in her heart, so she didn't want to go into the water for the time being. However, if she didn't go, Zac wouldn't go either.

She didn't expect to take the risk of life to be a matchmaker!

She sighed and stretched out her hand to cover the screen of his cellphone. "We can play it at home. It's rear chance to go to the seaside today. Let's enjoy ourselves there!"

Zac cast a sidelong glance at her and said, "you want to go? Are you deaf? " She dared to go into the water alone?

Essie pouted and said, "I remember every word clearly, so I didn't dare to go out alone. I wanted you to go with me." Her curly eyelashes fluttered, like a naughty butterfly waving its wings to summon her little companion.

There was a gleam of love in his eyes. He picked up the swimming ring on the table and put it on her head. "Follow me. Don't run around."

Essie smiled again and made an OK gesture to Mandy.

Mandy squeezed out a smile stiffly. Instead of gratitude, she felt a little jealous. Zac was in cold winter when facing her, but in spring and summer when facing Essie. Even when he was ruthless, his eyes were warm.

That wasn't a good sign. She must be careful for her bestie!

Zac stood up and took off his T-shirt, showing his solid muscles.

"Wow, you have a great figure!"

"He's so handsome!"

"Prince charming, shall we meet in the dressing room at the back?"

The beach was buzzing with excitement. Those women were so excited that they almost dropped their saliva to their feet.

Seeing that Zac was going into water, they also stood up and rushed into the sea to get the VIP seats closest to their pr

ince charming.

Holding her forehead and feeling speechless, Essie thought, 'There is doubt that who will be on her side later.'

She patted Mandy's shoulder sympathetically and said, "it seems that we are under a lot of pressure to compete with each other. You must have taken good care of your prince charming."

"I don't care! They are all ugly women!" Mandy snorted and looked at Essie thoughtfully. In comparison, she was the most threatening.

Zac was a germaphobe. He didn't like to have physical contact with strangers. He took her to the middle of the sea and got rid of the anthomaniac. Mandy sighed and followed them.

Every time when she could swim one meter further, she would sneak out of the water and leave him and her friend alone. However, Zac would always stare at her with his sharp eyes, and he would take her back.

"Stay next to me. I'll take you to everywhere you want to go." He gave orders peremptorily.

"Okay." Essie made a face and stuck out her tongue again. It seemed that she could not escape from the palm of Buddha like Monkey King.

While they were talking, Mandy turned on the air valve secretly.

There was a gap in the swimming circle soon. She pretended to be scared and screamed. She put her arms around Zac's neck and said, "my swimming circle is broken. What should I do?"

She pretended to be trembling and delicate. She pressed her whole body against the man comforting her. The moment her skin touched him, the man pulled her hand away and threw her out.

Taking a deep breath, Essie finally figured out what Mandy was up to! Although Essie knew Mandy could swim and was not worried about her drowning, she couldn't just sit there and watch Mandy being pulled away mercilessly. It must be a heavy blow to her.

She clenched her fists and punched at him. "What are you doing? Mandy can't swim. Go and save her!"

A sharp light flashed through Zac' deep black eyes. He had already found that Mandy was pretending. How could such a childish trick escape his eyes? However, Essie dared to act with her. What did she take him for?

He suppressed the anger in his heart, and a piece of secret on his face began to slip down.

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