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   Chapter 29 Fight Against Landlords

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As Mandy was lost in her thoughts, Essie took out a deck of cards from her bag and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, let's have some fun, shall we?" With three people, they could play one of her favorite card games. She began shuffling the cards and arranging the deck.

Mandy turned to her with a disdainful look. Though they had always played this game with Eva, but this would only bore Zac who was used to playing golf, polo and yacht. How could she force him to play such cheap card games?

Just as Mandy had guessed, it was true that Zac had never played such card games before. Nevertheless, his curiosity was piqued and he was soon very interested in it. "How do you play it?" he asked innocently.

Essie's eyes widened in amazement as if she had just heard the biggest revelation of the century. "You don't know how to play 'Fight Against Landlords'?"

"Is it strange?" Zac asked while raising an eyebrow.

Essie was puzzled. This was the most popular poker game in China. Primary school students often play this game, so how come he didn't know how to play it?

"Do you know how to play 'Go Fish'?"

Zac shook his head.

"What about 'Old Maid'?"

Zac continued shaking his head.

Essie was speechless. She was starting to think that this man was not from the same planet as her. Was he from Mars?

"Do you know how to play poker?" continued Essie.

Zac shrugged. Actually, he rarely played with cards. When he was in New York, he had learned about poker but he only played it occasionally.

In his silence, Mandy took the opportunity to cut in, "What's the fun in cards? Zac, let's go sailing, shall we?" She smiled sweetly and hoped that she could finally have a moment with him.

Zac ignored her words. Instead, he looked at Essie and said, "You can teach me how to play."

Essie took a glance at her upset friend and feigned nausea. "Oh! Why do I feel dizzy all of a sudden?" She held her forehead and continued in a weak voice, "It must be because of the seawater I had swallowed earlier. I'll take a nap first. You guys should go to the speedboat."

Sadness flashed through Zac's eyes. Was she playing the

same trick again to push him away?

Was he really nothing to her?

"Teach me, right here, right now! I won't let you off until I learn it!" Zac snarled at her in frustration. Her inexplicable words and actions made him want to squeeze into her heart to see what was in it. How could she ignore him easily?

Feeling helpless, Essie rolled her eyes and raised her hands in surrender. She had tried her best for her friend. Zac was just too smart to be fooled easily.

Mandy was extremely disappointed. She put on her sunglasses to cover her red eyes. She had been the apple of everyone's eyes since childhood. Everyone wanted to make friends with her, and many men had run after her. Why was Zac treating her so coldly?

She lay on the back of the chair and secretly gazed at him through the sunglasses. He was so excellent and perfect. There was no one else in her eyes other than him. She would never be discouraged, and in whatever way, she would try her best to impress him!

Essie started explaining the rules to him, and turned on the game application on her phone to let him practice. Zac had already grasped the mechanics of the game, but he deliberately pretended not to know and let her guide beside him.

After winning five rounds, Essie sighed deeply, as if she was tired from finishing a tough task. "You are a promising student and my efforts had not been wasted. Finally, I can take a nap." She covered her mouth and yawned deliberately. Mandy saw this as an opportunity. She stood up and asked Essie to accompany her in buying a swimming ring.

She was stunned for a moment and didn't react immediately. Narrowing her eyes, she asked, "Why do you want a swimming ring?" Mandy was a good swimmer and as strong as a fish. How could she need a swimming ring?

"I don't know how to swim. Of course, I need to buy a swimming ring," she replied in annoyed tone. Then, Mandy dragged her away, not wanting her to spill the beans.

While walking towards the stall, Mandy released her hands and stared seriously at Essie. "From now on, I can't swim. Keep it a secret!"

Essie nodded in a daze. What trick was she playing?

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