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   Chapter 28 A Terrible Swimsuit

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Was this a swimsuit or a mummy?

It was a one-piece garment, with long pants and sleeves!

As a fashion designer, it was her first time to see such a non-human conservative design!

"It fits you." A smile appeared on Zac's face. He had looked at her before and knew her sizes very well.

She pouted and threw the bag to the bed, "I don't want to wear it. It's so ugly and insulting."

'The ice guy usual clothing shows his good taste. How could he have such a strange taste for SWIMSUIT?'?

Zac shrugged and said calmly, "it doesn't matter. We can sit on the balcony and watch the sunset today." It sounded that he would not only refuse her, but also would not allow her to attend it.

Essie looked up at the sky with a sad look in her eyes. She was going to be a rare scenery on the beach today.

The beach in the West was beautiful and quiet. The sea was covered with silver sand and the wind was cool. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air was fresh.

It was not until Essie mustered up enough courage to walk out of the fitting room.

When Mandy saw her, she couldn't help but burst into laughter. "What kind of style are you?"

"Traditional style." Essie smiled awkwardly and cast a stern glance at the culprit who stood nearby.

Zac smiled. It was exactly what he wanted. How could his wife be exposed to other men?

Mandy's swimsuit was hot, which attracted many men's attention.

She ignored them and went straight to Zac.

At this moment, all the men and women on the beach were eager to have sex.

Although Zac wore sunglasses, sitting quietly on the beach chair, his incomparable unparalleled elegance overshadowed the green sea and silver beach. How could he not attract attention?

Essie couldn't swim, so she had to stall for three rounds with the roadside stall to buy the parchment with 10 dollars.

"Zac, Mandy, I'm going to have some fun in the water." Since she didn't want to be the third wheel, she carried the swimming ring into the sea to leave some private space for them alone.

The sun was scorching above them and the sea water was warm because of the sunshine. She raised her long legs and flapped the waves. Unconsciously, she was farther and farther away from the beach.

Seeing this, Zac couldn't help frowning.

Since she couldn't swim, how could she run so far? Did he have any sense of danger?

By his side, Mandy was looking at him with loving eyes and said, "Zac, let's take a walk on the beach, shall we?"

"Go by yourself." Zac replied nonchalantly. Behind the sunglasses, his eyes were fixed on Essie.

A wave appeared in the center of the sea and it tore the waves up, flooding the shore in a majestic manner.

Essie was lying on her stomach in the swimming pool, enjoying the sunshine. She didn't even notice the danger approaching.

For a person who was not good at swimming, any wave in the sea could be fatal.

"Damn it!" Zac cursed in his throat, took off his sunglasses and rushed into the sea.

When the waves came towards Essie, she were knocked over. Before she could reach out to grab the handle of the swimming ring, she fell heavily to the sea.

She panicked, waving her hands and kicking her legs. She tried hard to float up but soon sank. She wanted to call for help, but the sea water poured into her mouth and into her throat.

When she was almost out of breath, a strong arm reached out from behind, held her waist, and pulled her out of the sea.

"Ahem!" She coughed violently at the beach. It was comforting to have someone pat her back so that she coughed out the water in her throat.

Nancy handed her the bottle of water and let her rinse her mouth. "Are you okay? Rain, you scared me to death."

"Never mind. I just drank some sea water. It's salty."

"You were too careless. You even drowned with a swimming ring." Mandy sighed.

When Essie felt better, she lay down on the beach chair and took a sip of the water. She smiled and said, "it was just an accident. I didn't notice the waves coming, or I should have put the ring on the lifespan tightly."

"From now on, you are not allowed to get into the water alone." That was the order of Zac. This confused egg is too much to worry about.

"I know. I won't give you any chance to do the CPR." Essie glanced at him, pretending to be angry. She was actually touched by his words.

Zac snorted, with disdain and love in his eyes.

Mandy looked at them blankly and didn't know what they were talking about, but the words CPR lit up her eyes.

Perhaps she could create a chance to meet her prince charming.

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