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   Chapter 27 Teasing The Man Again

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"Zac, how do you feel about going to the seaside today?" Essie said as she sat at the corner of his bed.

He squinted at her. "Is this Mandy's idea? Are you really planning to use the same old trick towards me?" He was not going to fall for her tricks this time. In fact, he had grown more vigilant to all Essie's suggestions.

"It's my idea," she protested. "My business has been doing well these past two months. In fact, I've received lots of orders. Plus, it's such a rare chance for Mandy to take a day off. She has a car too, so how about we go out and have some fun?" Essie plastered a smile on her face. She had worked hard earning all that money, she was not planning to let it all go to waste just because she couldn't help her friend get her dream man.

Zac leaned back on the chair. "I don't want to go. You can go by yourselves." He waved his hand dismissively. "I would rather have some quiet time."

Essie rolled her eyes. "I'm pretty enough to attract different sorts of men. Wouldn't you worry for my safety?"

"I'm not worried the slightest."

"Why not?" Essie frowned. Ever since her last fashion show, she had been ordered not to talk to any unfamiliar men, watch different men, or even to touch any other men except for him. In fact, he already treated her as if she was his own property, and now he was going to act like he didn't care for her?

That ass!

As if he could read her mind, a smile weaved its way into his lips. "They're not as handsome as me. I'm sure you aren't interested in them."

She was at a loss for words. Although what he said was the truth, did he really have to be so arrogant?

Blinking, an idea came to her.

Essie raced back into her room and took out two cups filled with three dice each. "How about we'll roll the dice?" she suggested. "If you lose, then you're going to the seaside with me."

Zac hated this game with a passion. No

t only did he lose thirteen times in the past rounds, but he had also lost every bet tied to that damned game.

However, he believed that his luck was bound to change.

"Fine, whoever adds up to the biggest number will win," he agreed.

"Okay!" She handed one cup to him. "You first."

Zac shook the cup hard before releasing it on the desk. He wore a smug smile.

Five, six, six.

Holding the other cup in her hand, she shook the cup while praying silently.

With his legs crossed, Zac lay on the back of his chair leisurely. She wasn't going to win the game unless she came out with a six, six, six. At this point, her chances of winning was close to none.

When the dice fell onto the table, his eyes twitched.

Six, six, six.

What the hell? How was that even possible?

Essie couldn't help but burst into laughter. At this point, she was already considering on packing up her stuff and leaving for Vegas. Maybe then, she'd have all the opportunity to win big.

"Pack your things," she said happily.

Zac gritted his teeth. He had worked around financial circles and casinos for years. In fact, his life was brilliant and promising. He didn't expect that his day would be ruined with three dice!

Noticing the displeasure written all over his face, she patted him on the shoulder. "You're going to have a good time. In fact, you'll even meet your girl," she teased.

Zac stood up. "I'm going to have breakfast first."

Essie tittered. Was he really going shift his anger onto food?

She didn't stop him, and he was out the whole morning. A part of her suspected that he had already eaten lunch at this point.

When Essie heard the door open, she was about to tease him when he pulled her into another room. "I'll go to the seaside if you wear this swimsuit."

A swimsuit?

'Oh my god! Did he just buy me a swimsuit?"

She took the bag from his hand and opened it.

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