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   Chapter 26 Sitting In The Hall

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She planned to borrow the house because her landlord suddenly sold the house and made her homeless.

Hearing that, Essie felt headache. If she guessed it right, that was just an excuse. Her best friend's real purpose was to get close to Zac.

However, an ice guy like him didn't want to eat meat. His handsome face darkened. He was in a towering rage.

Seeing that he was about to drive Mandy away, Essie pulled him into the room in a hurry.

"Mandy will move out if she finds a house. Just bear with her for a few days, please!" She clasped her hands and begged.

"No way!" Said Zac in a cold tone. There was no room for discussion at all.

Hearing that, she was annoyed. She tried to persuade him in a soft tone, but she failed in the end. Then she said, "I rent the house and I pay for it. I have the right to make the decision. Mandy will live with me, not with you. If you are not happy, you can find a place to live with yourself for a few days. You can come back after she leaves. "

A little flame flew into the eyebrows of Zac and burnt, "why did I come back? It's you who will wear swimsuit and dance The Small Apples in the square. It has nothing to do with me. I don't have to meddle in it!"

It sounded like an angry word, but in fact it was a true threat. Hearing it, Essie was like a punctured ball. She disappointedly said, "Zac, do you have any misunderstanding about Mandy? Or did you have a bad time at dinner that day?" His attitude towards Mandy was quite weird. After all, she was a beauty. He should show his tenderness to her?

"Is she really homeless?" Zac rolled his eyes. It seemed that she had another object.

"Her landlord had already sold the house, so she couldn't afford a place to live. The rent of Y City has increased outrageously. It won't take me a long time to find a suitable house. If I were her, I would have stayed in her house all the time." Then, Essie held his arm and acted like a spoiled child. "Zac, I remember you always like eating the beef steak stewed with radishes? I'll cook it for you every day, okay? The real Sichuan beef, 60 dollar per kilogram. We don't need to go Dutch. It's on me."

A hint of slyness flashed across Zac's eyes. He said, "it's not enough to stew beef with radish. Whatever I want to eat, you have to cook it for me." The girl was still like an iron hen. Her living cost was more than 50 dollars per day, which

was as painful as bleeding. If she bled a lot every day, she would find a way to ask Mandy to leave without his asking.

At this moment, Essie pulled a long face.

'Damn it! He blackmailed me. I'm going to be a pauper. I can't pay the rent, and he'll have to sleep on the streets.'

In order to take advantage of her close encounter with her prince charming, Mandy specially asked for a three-day leave.

She planned to go to the beach and she could wear a swimsuit to show her curvy figure. But Essie was not in the mood to accompany her. When she saw the menu handed in by Zac in the morning, she was mad.

A bowl of rice stewed beef, a range of boiled prawns, steamed turbot.

'That's too much. Doesn't he know that saving oneself is a traditional virtue of a Chinese?'

"Essie, which swimsuit do you think is better?" Mandy didn't notice her painful expression of being cut the meat and continued to select her clothes.

"Mandy, it's so rare for you to take a day off. Don't go out to play. I'll accompany you to find a house." She didn't want her best friend to stay in her house for too long. Otherwise, the hard-earned money she had worked hard to earn would be extorted.

Mandy gave her a meaningful look. She felt like her head was in a mess, so she should express her thoughts directly and straightforwardly, "Essie, to tell you the truth, my landlord didn't sell the house. I just thought that it would be more convenient to pursue my dream guy if I lived with you. So I won't leave until he falls in love with me."

Essie wanted to cry. In her mind, except for Zac's handsome look, what else could he do? Why was Mandy so obsessed with him?

"Mandy, don't you always look down on the poor type?"

"Essie, you said once that as long as you fell in love with a person, identity, status, money and fame would be illusory, didn't you? That's what I am doing now! " Mandy smiled faintly and a meaningful light flashed in her eyes. Let her bestie could always believe that he was a poor man. Only in this way could she feel at ease, without being afraid of being intervened by her.

"The power of love is really great!" Essie sighed again. Mandy held her hands and said, "you are my best friend. Please help me!"

Of course she would help. To save her small treasure house, she had to help!

Therefore, she shouldered a heavy task and braced herself to enter Zac's room.

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