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   Chapter 25 You Have Gone Too Far

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She was in a daze and didn't understand what he meant. "I remember. I can introduce a girlfriend for you."

Taking a deep breath, Zac got very furious. It seemed that his rage hit on cotton, which made him extremely suffocated and suffered serious internal injuries. As he lifted her chin with one of his hands, Zac cut to the chase. "Listen. During we keep our marriage, you're the surrounded by red light in your world. Your first boyfriend, and even your dream lover. You'd better get out of them and never contact them."

His eyes were as cold as ice, slowly cutting down from her forehead. He stopped, as if trying to erase all the marks left by Hanson. Then he lowered his head and approached her. Even if she was a fake wife, as long as the license was still alive, he would absolutely admit it. She could only have his brand on her!

Essie was scared by him. She stood still in a daze, not moving at all, letting him kiss her. She didn't understand what he meant. She was almost raped, and she didn't have an affair, but

Hanson's confession of love came to her mind.

No, No. that was just an accident, and he didn't know.

While she was thinking, a burst of pain came.

He actually broke her lips!

Was it a dog?

She pushed him away with all her strength, "I'm neither your pet nor your slave. Why should I obey this excessive request?" Before she finished speaking, she was knocked down on the sofa by a strong force. He grabbed her with his slender fingers, as if to restrain her heart. "If you can't do it, from now on, I'll teach you every night how to be a good wife!"

Thinking of this, she felt like weeping but had no tears.

That's too much! He even put himself in the role of a husband!

"We are going to divorce in five weeks." She reminded him in a low but clear voice.

Zac's eyes darkened. They were as black as the bottomless abyss.

Divorce was not that easy. She had to pay him back and help him stop the wedding.

Moreover, once he thought that she would be set free and could no longer be found, he was extremely uncomfortable. He thought that he should lock the cage door tightly and let her unable to escape.

"I'm hungry. Go and make me some food." He let go of

her and sat up.

The topic changed so fast that she didn't come to herself for a while. "Didn't you just come back from a French dinner? How could you be hungry?"

"Cut the crap. Hurry up." He frowned, looking really vicious. After finding out that he was cheated, he turned around and left. He hadn't drunk any water or eat anything, and he endured the pain with anger.

Essie didn't know this. She thought he just wanted to maintain his manners and image in front of the beautiful woman and didn't dare to eat a lot. 'He has to put up with it for the sake of his own dignity. There's no way to torture her now!' thought Essie!

"My legs hurt. I can't walk. You cook for yourself if you want to eat!" She pouted and ignored him.

"Let me help you." Zac's eyes flashed a trace of cunning. He picked her up sidelong and put her into the kitchen, then took out noodles and eggs from the fridge, "you can do it now."

Essie felt helpless.

'Never mind. For the sake of saving my life, it's OK to cook noodles for him!'!

On the other side of Yang City.

Sunny lied on the toilet bowl, crying and screaming.

She was sitting in her BMW, waiting for the news. But she didn't expect that it wasn't a photo of Essie being molested, but damned pig head photos of Billy and his gang.

Two masked men in black dragged her out before she could recover from the shock. They not only broke her arms, but also forced her to eat ten disgusting cockroaches.

She was scared out of her wits. She had acted as a tyrant in Yang City for so many years and had never expected that she would be taught a lesson one day?

And she didn't dare to say a word, or her naked photos would be popular all over the world, and then she must be more popular than the girl in Uniqlo.

Three days later, Essie got the news from Mandy that her rival had been sent to hospital. The advantage of working in a TV station was that they could get the first-hand gossip news. Of course, this news was a little bit out of the way, because Sunny only dared to say that she accidentally fell down and broke her arm.

Thank goodness!

Essie fixed her eyes on her friend's luggage.

Mandy came here not just to tell her the good news.

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