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   Chapter 24 The Hero Comes To Rescue Her

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"Hey, little girl, it's so late and you are still alone outside. Do you need some companionship?" Laughter came from behind.

Essie turned her head and saw four obscene men not far away looking at her with obscene smiles on their faces.

She shivered secretly and ran without saying anything. The men quickly caught up and trapped her in the middle.

"If you want money, I'll give it to you. Let me go." She gave her bag to one of them, believing that a wise man wouldn't get himself into trouble and give his money for free.

The fat man looked at her, wiped the saliva from his mouth and said: "such a beautiful beauty. We are lucky tonight!" The money had already been given to him. What he wanted to do was to play with this woman!

When Essie heard him, she got more nervous. If she couldn't get rid of them with money, she had to fight with them! She swung her bag toward the shortest and thinnest man. While he was whining and covering his face with his hands, she pushed him away with all her strength and ran outside desperately.

There would be pedestrians as long as she escaped the passageway.

She looked at the exit ahead, but did not notice that the stone under her feet, so she had been slammed to the ground.

She struggled to stand up, but was stopped by a big hand. "Let's see where you can go!" The man said with a lewd smile and turned her around.

The three men behind quickly stepped forward and held her hands and feet. "Fat brother, come on!" They couldn't wait anymore.

With an obscene smile, he began to unbutton his belt.

To know she can't get free from this crazy man, Essie cried in despair. With tears streaming down her face, she said, "Zac, help me --" she cried in despair. She knew that he could not hear her or come, but he was the only person in her mind when she was in fear!

As she finished her sentence, an angry fist broke the darkness, and hit the back of Billy's head heavily. Billy did not make a groan but fell to the ground like a dead pig, motionless.

Seeing this, the other three men let go of Essie, took out their knives and rushed to the new man. But in front of him, they were like a few incompetent worms, and were beaten to the ground with a few strokes, looking for teeth on the ground.

Essie rubbed her eyes with her sleepy hands. She couldn't believe that Zac would really appear in front of her. She had tho

ught that there was something wrong with her eyes. When she was held by him and the familiar smell of him integrated into her breath, tears rushing out. "Zac, you really come to save me!" She grabbed his collar and broke into tears.

Zac roared. He had been angry for several hours. There had been lava under the yellow rock volcanic eruption, burning with fire. When he heard her calling his name, the anger on his face immediately dissipated.

At this critical moment, the first person she thought of was him, not Hanson, which satisfied and comforted him!

After they walked out of the tunnel, a man in black came over. In the moonlight, his handsome face and a bloodthirsty sneer hung on the corners of his mouth.

Then, with several butchered screams tearing the dead air, four disabled eunuchs appeared in the world.

In the apartment.

Still suffering from the shock, Essie curled up on the sofa, cuddling tightly against a pillow.

At the same time, Zac fetched the medicine box and started to clean the wounds on her knees.

"Zac, why are you there?" She asked gently.

"Walk." His tone was flat. How could she know that he was following her all the way.

"Okay." Then she said in a low voice, "have you sent Mandy home?" These words not finished, a sudden pain came from her knee. Zac fastened the strength on his hand and his face was very gloomy. Every time the subject was brought up, he would get angry. He had warned her yesterday, but she made an unforgivable mistake today. The most hateful thing was that she left him and went out for a date secretly. The thought of she was with Hanson made him furious. He wanted to kill her!

Essie was keenly aware of his displeasure, but she didn't know the whole story between them. So she tightened her lips and said, "I didn't tell you in advance. It's my fault. I just think that Mandy is a good girl. You can try to get along with her."

Zac veins on his forehead twisted. His eyes were filled with rage. If it weren't for the injury on her knees, he would have twisted her up and spanked her butt. "It's none of your business."

The clear reproachful tone made her feel wronged. "Well, I'm just poking my nose into your business." Helping him find a girl is a mistake. How could it be reasonable?

Zac's black eyes widened. A shadow flitted over his eyes. He said, "Essie, do you still remember my conditions?"

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