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   Chapter 23 Getting Rid Of Potential Dangers

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"What are you doing?" Sunny were furious as she rushed over.

Hanson let go of the woman in his arms and looked at her with startled but not guilty. It didn't matter even if she knew about it. He knew that she was obsessed with him. She proposed the wedding by herself and she absolutely didn't want to break it. "Why are you here?"

"How could I not come here?" If only Sunny could tear Essie into pieces with her sharp eyes.

With no intention to argue with Sunny, Essie said, "I'm going in, senior." She turned to leave, but was caught by Sunny. As soon as she turned around, she was slapped hard in the face.

Seducing her fiancé and wanting to escape? No way! '! Sunny were full of malicious and insidious expressions.

In the black Bentley, Zac clenched his fists. His white joints made a dull noise, tearing the silence in the car. This woman deserved a lesson. But he was the only one who could teach her a lesson. If anyone dared to hurt her, he was courting death.

He was about to open the door, but he suddenly stopped, because Essie raised her hand and slapped Sunny back without fear.

Sunny covered her hot face with her hands and burst into tears because of the pain. "Essie, how dare you hit me?" It was the first time that she had been slapped.

Essie licked her broken lips and coldly said, "Sunny, you're rich and powerful, but I'm not afraid of you. From now on, I'll repay you for everything you did to me in double!"

"Bitch, you're dead!" Sunny raised her arm and was about to strike back, but was stopped by Hanson's fist in the air. "That's enough! Don't go too far!"

"Didn't you see she slap me?" Pissed off, Sunny wanted to shake him off, but she was unable to break free because of his powerful strength. "You beat her first!" Hanson said in a cold tone as if she worth it and gave a pitiful look at Essie.

"I gotta

go, Senior." Essie took the chance to leave. The existence of Sunny was like a thorn, stabbing between her and Hanson. As long as she got close to him, she would be stabbed. And it would be painful.

Seeing her leave, Hanson released her hands. Pissed off, Sunny stamped her feet and screamed, "Hanson, I forbid you to have any contact with her!"

"Even without her, there would be someone else!" Hanson's voice was light, but shocked Sunny, she was quite agitated. "What do you mean?"

"Do you still hope that I will have no other woman but you?" A typical gentle smile rested on Hanson's mouth, yet the smile sent a chill to Sunny's heart.

Having a high position in the celebrities circle, all men had embraced each other and indulged themselves in the pleasure of having sex. How could Hanson be an exception?

"My father will not allow you to bully me like this!" She had no choice but to use her father's name to suppress him. After all, the two clans were business partners, and they would never do anything rashly.

Hanson said ironically, "So where is your father now?" 'Who did Sunny think her father is?'

He left with a smile. Sunny's face was pale and her lips were almost broken.

'It's okay for you to find any woman but Essie!'

She took up the phone, "Billy, get some people for me..."

She would never forgive the person who had hurt her!

It was late at night.

The noise faded away in the street.

However, there was no direct bus to the apartment in the Century Square. And there was no other choice for Essie but to walk back to the nearest bus station.

During this period, Essie had to pass through a dark passage.

On both sides of the tunnel, there were wide green belt and many trees. It was late now and there were very few people around.

Feeling that someone was following her, Essie hastened her pace.

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