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   Chapter 22 Late Confession

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"Letting you leave is the loss of Bella," Hanson sighed.

The light in Essie's eyes dimmed. When she graduated from Donghua University, Hanson was graduated from the famous Istituto Marangoni and went back to China. Later, he became the deputy CEO of Bella. For him, she overcame many tests and entered the design department where she worked hard. She had thought that she could get along with him day and night. Unexpectedly, she met with Sunny, her deadly opponent. Sunny constantly set her up and forced her to leave the Bella. In addition, she took advantage of her father's power and forced her to find no job in Yang City in order to expel her from Yang City. But she wouldn't let things go as Sunny wished. On the one hand, she had an store on Taobao. On the other hand, she had two private celebrities dressed in tailored clothes as commercials, which attracted a lot of white-collar and beautiful women in Yang City.

"There are so many talented people, including me." She lowered her head.

"It's different to me." His deep voice was like the night wind blowing through her hair, which made her a little shocked. She raised her eyes and looked at him in confusion.

"It's too noisy here. Would you like to take a walk with me?" He took her hand and released it immediately, as if inviting her.

She nodded dazedly.

It was late at night. The fragrance of the newly brewed green tea pervaded the air.

The evening breeze swept away the sultry dust, and the air was cool.

They walked to the flower bed in the square and stopped. She didn't know what he wanted to say. She lowered her head quietly.

"Was that true when you told me you liked me?" He suddenly asked. Her heart trembled. She managed to open the corners of her mouth and put on an exaggerated smile. The smile was so fake that she thought it was really hypocritical. "Of course not. Fool's day. I was just kidding. Please don't misunderstand me." Her self-es

teem had been seriously hurt, and she didn't want to be hurt again.

"Just kidding?" The neon lights on the road flashed, but none of them could brighten him up.

"Senior, you are getting married." Her words were like a sigh which had blocked the thousands of words in his heart. Yes, he was going to get married. He had no right to ask for her love or love her. In fact, he had always known that she was his exclusive love and would not change, so he didn't care to keep a lukewarm relationship. But now the enemy was here, and he had to be very strong.

"I like you, Essie." He held her hand and did not loosen it again. His voice was clear and powerful.

She quivered violently like getting an electric shock. She looked at him with her eyes wide open, as if she had heard something wrong. "I like you!" He repeated. He was so serious. It was not an illusion. Her eyes were wet, and tears slowly fell down. She had waited so long for this sentence that her heart was broken.

His slender fingers touched her face, brushed away the tears on it and said, "I know. You were serious that day, not kidding. Me too." Hanson lowered his head and got close to Essie. She stood still and didn't respond or refuse him. Her heart was beating faster and faster, like there were countless waves beating in the sea.

Not far away, a Bentley was parked under the tree. The dark color blended with the dark night.

In the car window, the cold starry eyes were burning with black flame, as if to burn out everything in sight.

The man in the driver's seat noticed Zac's unusual behavior. He somehow lost control of his usual poker face, which he had never felt before. It was a woman who started all this. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. He knew that boss had always been cold to women, except for one woman.

When he was about to look out the window, a figure rushed to the flower bed and disturbed the air.

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