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   Chapter 21 Meet The Prince Charming Again

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She thought about it for a while and then sent a message to Zac. "Zac, don't cook tonight. Please go to Petrus Restaurant for a French dinner. See you at eight o'clock." PS: don't stand me up, or I will strike for a month!

At that time, Zac was in the cottage by the bay with his subordinate, William. As soon as he read the message, an unnoticeable light smile played at the corners of his mouth. William noticed that boss was in a good mood recently. Did it have anything to do with Essie? He was stunned. There was no woman in the world who could affect his boss!

As the only person who knew the whereabouts of Zac, he was also clear about his absurd flash marriage.

That day, Zac was drunk and went back to get his identification. He had tried his best to stop him, but he did not expect to be attacked and pass out.

He finally managed to escape from a marriage, and then got married after getting drunk. It seemed that the boss had committed a marriage crisis this year!

"Valery and Mrs. Mary sent two groups to catch you. They chased after you from Paris to St. Moritz in two different ways." He reported that they wouldn't stop until they saw the bridegroom on the wedding.

"Tell Andy to continue playing with them." Taking a sip of coffee, Zac said with a slight irony in his eyes. He had made full preparations for the escape from the wedding this time. He not only made up an illusion that he was going abroad, but also had his subordinates travel around the country in the name of himself.

"Why don't you just bring Miss Essie back and stop Mrs. Mary and Valery forcing you to marry Valery?" Said William, confused. Although he had worked for Zac for many years, his mind was too deep to be guessed.

"It's not the right time yet." Said Zac, devoid of any emotion on his face. He had to make her willing to cooperate with him.

William said no more. Speaking less and doing more is the most important thing for him to do when he was working for Zac.

At eight o'clock, Zac arrived at the Petrus Restaurant on time.

Whether the little girl was suddenly enlightened, or at last she wanted to date him because of his unparalleled charm.

A warm smile broke through the ice on Zac's face

, like sunshine pouring into the icy Arctic top.

At the sight of Zac, Mandy stood up excitedly and said, "Zac!"

Zac's smile froze in an instant. "Where is Essie?"

"She just called and said that she had something urgent to deal with, so she won't come." Mandy had already come up with an excuse.

"What is it?" A shadow flitted over Zac' eyes.

"There happens to be Bella fashion show tonight." Mandy shuddered at Zac's coldness. She felt sad.

How dare you!

Zac's face darkened.

"Achoo --"

At the century event, Essie, who was sitting in the front row, sneezed again.

All her attention was on the runway, and she was completely unaware that the seat next to her had been changed.

"Long time no see, Essie." A low and familiar voice came to her ears, making her tremble slightly. She turned her head and saw the gentle and elegant face. Her heart stopped beating at once. "Senior, why are you here?" She remembered clearly that there was a blonde foreigner next to her.

Hanson smiled. "I've changed my seat."

"Okay." Then she turned to the runway. She was a little flustered, as if she couldn't face him as free and easy as before.

Hanson didn't move his eyes from her. Her light chestnut curly hair shone golden in the light. Her delicate face was like the bright diamond, but the pearl jade, flawless. She didn't put on any makeup, but only applied a layer of transparent lip gloss on her plump lips, as always keeping the pure beauty, like a stream of clear moonlight pouring out, which amazed people. He wanted to hold the wonderful feeling in his hands.

The light blue European pinkish print dress on her body set off her tall and thin figure, and the large V-neck design revealed her delicate clavicle. The hemline was even lower than her thighs.

Hearing that, Hanson's Adam's apple rolled. He said, "it's a beautiful dress." Of course she was more beautiful.

But Essie thought he was talking about the show, so she nodded and said, "ordinary people don't dare to have such a bold collision of colors."

"I mean your dress." The hair at the temples of her ear was tossed away by him. The skin he touched was burning hot. She looked away in a hurry. "I Made by myself. "

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