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   Chapter 20 You Feel Bad When Touching

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The more Essie thought about it, the more nervous she was. She almost jumped to her feet and tried to run away. But Zac didn't turn to her. Instead, he went straight to the fridge and took out a box of ice cream from it. "I just want to help you with this." He said

She took a deep breath. Petrified, he pointed at her temple with his index finger and said, "you think too much. But even if you want to do that, I don't want to since you feel like a dehydrated dried carrot when touching."

Her face flushed bright red as he spoke, like a ripe apple in Washington. When she saw the cheeky grin on his face, she knew that he was teasing her, so she got angry and scooped an ice cream to his face.

This guy was a clean freak. She thought he would go to the bathroom and take a shower. She didn't expect him to fight back. He grabbed an ice cream and smeared it on her face.

'You want to declare war on me? Fine! I'm not afraid of you at all!'

Soon, an ice cream battle started.

They ran happily in the house until the last box of ice cream in the fridge was consumed up.

After that, she lay on the floor, out of breath, and licked the ice cream around her lips.

Her embarrassed and naughty look amused him.

A low and deep laughter came out of his throat, just like a dragonfly skimming over her heart lake, spreading out ripples.

He was extremely handsome, and became more charming when he smiled. His usual cold profile became gentle and bright.

It was no wonder that Mandy would be mesmerized by him. The God created this kind of man with good-looking, obviously in order to tease women, let them fight with each other.

While she was in a trance, Zac's face was close to her, with the tip of his nose almost against her. "Essie, you obviously want me in your eyes."

Hearing that, Essie felt her blood boil. She turned her head aside and sat up straight like a koi fish. It was true that man was thinking with his lower part of his body like SpongeBob. She said, "you sex maniac, if you can't hold on any longer, go out and find a woman outside. It is merely a waste of time on me. There are many girls who are willing to sacrifice selflessly. I'm afraid that they can also do double shooting."

Zac frowned and pulled a long face. Inhaling, he felt like he had suffered internal injury. He hadn't had sex for several years. No matter how beautiful women outside, he was not interested in them at all. He was a germaphobe and all he wanted was to be a quiet sleeping beauty.

She was the only special person. Maybe it was because her physical cells were different, he became excited at the first sight of her. He was also valiant and imposing, wanti

ng to march forward at any time.

"You are my wife. Is it appropriate to push me out?"

"I don't want to be your wife. It's not proper to give up," She pouted.

"Don't forget that you have dedicated your virginity to me." His voice was soft and teasing, like the hum of a cheetah flipping the lamb that had already been caught in the claws.

"It didn't count." Essie's face flushed again.

"Then how to count?" His long fingers caressed her pink cheek like a butterfly's wings, and his eyes were full of aggressiveness and insolence.

Essie licked her dry lips and quickly changed the topic, "well, stop it. Be serious! We now have a beautiful girl. She is very fond of you. Move quickly and seize the opportunity. "

"Who?" Zac said, his eyes darkened.

"Mandy!" Essie smirked and said, "I know that you are a little tempted, but the reason why you are so cold and you even left in the middle of the party is that you want to play hard to get, right?"

Zac only felt like a group of Alpacas galloping in the wind. 'the cells in her body are different from the others', thought Zac, ' besides the cells in her body, her brain is so different.'

He took a frown, and put on a sly smile, "are you jealous?"

"Of course not," "I, as your temporary wife, was so generous to you. I turned on the green lights for you all the time. You not only can pass the Peach Blossom Road unimpeded, but also help you at a critical moment." She added.

Her carelessness somewhat annoyed Zac. He pursed his lips and squinted his eyes. His face became serious and a little chill. "It's your business. I'm not interested in your friend. Don't bother me!" He hated other women teasing him. If she dare tease him, he would punish her!

His fiendish look told her he was not joking. At the same time, she felt delighted and a little worried.

What pleased her was that freezing guy still kept calm when he was flirting with other women. It meant that he was not that kind of Playboy.

But what worried her most was that Zac was not interested in Mandy. If Mandy wanted to chase after him, she could only be the ham trapped in the sandwich, which made her in a dilemma.

However, the more we concerned, the faster things came.

In the early morning, Mandy called her. She got a ticket of the autumn fashion show of Bella. But she wanted Essie to help date Zac for dinner for her as an exchange.

To be honest, Essie really didn't want to get involved in this matter, but the attraction of the show was so great that she had to throw all her cautions this time.

But, if Zac knew it was Mandy who wanted to date him, he would definitely refuse. She had to think of a way.

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