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   Chapter 19 The Strongest Love Rival

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Essie waved her hand again. Although Zac was unpredictable, he was certainly not a bad person. As for sex, they robbed each other. As for money, she smiled and said, "he gave his credit card to me. Only I can robbed him, he couldn't get me."

"What?" Mandy and Eva exclaimed at the same time.

"You are just roommates. Why did he give you the card?" Mandy frowned.

"He is interested in our Essie." Eva laughed.

Essie hastily waved her hand and said, "no, we are going to dine in the same restaurant now, and we will pay fifty fifty. I buy all the dishes on the market, so he of course has to pay me. After all, the monthly limit is only 3000. He won't lose much even if I use the money."

"You are awesome with this card! There is no one for a handsome guy like him!" Eva snickered.

Mandy rolled her eyes at her and felt very depressed. He was her prince charming. She should be clear about who she was? She took the lemon tea on the table and put it down when just sent it to her mouth. 'Forget it, don't drink it. The more you drink, the sourer you feel.'

"Essie, show us the card."

She tried hard to wear a smile on her face. The bank card could reveal a person's identity. If it was just a common card, she didn't have to struggle with it too much. She could give the card to Essie and let him marry her. The man did not have much money like a laptop with limited memory, and he had no chance to install such advanced software like her.

"What's so good about a card? You have your own." Essie said with hesitation.

"This is my dream guy's card!" Mandy grabbed her arm and shook it continuously. It was obvious that she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. She sighed and took out the credit card of Zac from the room.

Mandy took the card and looked carefully. The surface of the card was silver black. In the middle of the card, there was a character carved with relief, simple, low-key and unique. When she was about to turn over the card, it was snatched away by Eva. "Wow, the card is so special. Can you leave your last name on it? Is it a symbol of his last name? Where to get one? I want to get one too! "

"You take it as a customized tailoring. It should be a commemorative edition. The words on it means prosperity and Joyce. It's a coi

ncidence." Essie pouted. That guy was so lucky. Why wasn't she lucky?

Mandy's eyes flashed. Other people couldn't see any clue, but she could. Her father was the senior manager of a bank, and she was very sure that this was not an ordinary card, and the person who owned this card was not an ordinary person. She knew her prince was not some mediocre man, but... She looked at Essie with a hint of unutterable look flashed through her eyes. "If you are not interested in him, I will take action." She said deliberately.

"It has nothing to do with me whether you kill him or not." With a light smile, Essie replied very straightforward.

Mandy smiled with relief. She had thought too much just now, and Essie had been in a daze since her childhood. She was not very smart. Even if she had been sold, she would still help the kidnapper.

She didn't know how to lie in an indirect way.

It was already evening when Zac came back. Essie just finished barbecue with her friends and came back. She was lying on the sofa watching TV comfortably.

Zac took a cool shower and sat beside her. His pajamas were slightly open. She couldn't help peeping at him and taking a deep breath, which was filled with his light fragrance of body wash and a seductive hormones.

All of a sudden, her face turned hot and her heart beat faster.

Oh my God! Are you out of your mind!

She grabbed the juice on the table and took a deep breath to get herself back to normal.

At this time, a hand reached out and gently touched her face like feathers, "what's wrong? Your face is so red?"

Essie stopped breathing for a second.

'He has sharp eyes like eagles' and nobody can run away from him!'

"I had a barbecue this afternoon. Maybe I am sick." She explained stutteringly.

"Do you need my help?" He put his hand on the back of the chair and continued hugging her. She was frightened and hurried to move to the other side of the sofa. Holding his hand, she said, "don't even think about it!"

"What did I think?" His dark eyes were flickering in the light, full of bewitching look.

"Nothing but filthy." She looked away to avoid eye contact with him. With a cold and evil smile at the corner of his mouth, he slowly stood up from the sofa.

What are you doing, lecher?

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