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   Chapter 18 The Perfect Husband

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"Essie, we thought you would be sad about Hanson. We didn't expect you to be so happy now. Do you really have a new relationship?" She asked deliberately.

Eva coughed as soon as she heard the name, reminding her not to stimulate Essie.

In a second, her eyes darkened in a flash. It was true that she didn't have much time to think about Hans after her days of quarrel with Rom. this was good. Since there was no chance for her to marry him, she didn't need to worry about him.

"I've decided to concentrate on my work. I won't date someone before the age of 25." She promised.

Eva disagreed. "You can't miss the opportunity to pursue love and career."

"Not everyone is you, changing boyfriend within a week and treating love as a game." Mandy squinted at her and said, "it's true love between Essie and Hanson. Maybe Essie will never forget Hanson."

While speaking, she glanced at Zac. The man on the other side looked at the iPad in his hand and didn't seem to listen to them at all. But the look in his eyes deepened in an instant.

Essie finished one pear in a few seconds. She wiped her mouth and said, "I'm just not willing to see it. It's a waste to make such a perfect person as Hanson marry Sunny. The matchmaker must be dazed and make a wrong string."

"Well, maybe your Mr. Right is more perfect." Eva comforted.

Essie didn't believe that, "the bigger the hope is, the more the disappointment is. I might be destined to be alone for the rest of my life." She lowered her head and sighed, completely ignoring the gloomy gaze from the other side.

Zac stood up from the sofa and said, "I have something to deal with. You guys have fun." After that, he walked out without waiting for their response. When he heard the name of Hanson, he felt a little irritable. He thought it was better for him to leave. It was better not to hear.

Seeing the door was closed, Eva made a face towards Mandy and said, "I don't think you can handle him because he is too cold."

Mandy glared at her, but didn't respond. She picked up the lemon tea on the table and drank it as if deep in thought. After a while,

she whispered, "Essie, what does he do?"

"He said he was a construction worker and now he is out of work." Essie shrugged.

"Construction worker?" Mandy was shocked. Essie understood what she was thinking, so he smiled and said, "well, as for him, he has occupied a second of the glory of the wealthy family, missing the key point in the middle."

"Well, the construction workers are not only the ones doing construction in the site. I guess he is a real estate developer or architect." Mandy couldn't believe what she just heard. He was a regal king with elegance and nobility all over his body. How could he be an ordinary man?

Eva poked her forehead, "let's face the reality. The tall and rich man lives in a villa, and drives a luxury car. How could he rent an apartment with Essie?"

"Maybe there is some special reason that he has to hide his identity on purpose." Nancy cast a sidelong glance at her. "You are playing the trick of a prince playing the frog. It is often seen on TV," she thought.

"Mandy, he is really an ordinary person. He doesn't have a house, a car, no savings, no background, and no superior job!" Essie changed to a straightforward tone. Although it was cruel to shatter her beautiful fantasy, she had to face the reality.

Mandy lowered her head and didn't say anything. The disappointment in her eyes was obvious. In her mind, there was a huge difference between being rich and poor even if they are handsome. For a woman like her, only the best man like Sephirex deserved it.

But on second thought, what if Essie told a lie? 'Just let her give up, then she could take advantage at her favorable position! Even if she was my best friend, I can't trust her.'

"Will you like him?" She asked deliberately.

"Are you kidding me? We are merely roommates." When Essie said the word "merely", she felt very guilty.

"Although they are just roommates, they live under the same roof. You should have a good understanding of him. What if he is a bad guy?" She said half-jokingly. Besides, Essie was not clever enough. Mandy believed that she could get what she wanted to know soon.

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