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   Chapter 17 The Dream Man Is Not Easy To Deal With

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"I'm Eel. Don't you remember? Six years ago, during the trip to the Himalayas, my travelling companions and I met some danger. It was you who saved us. "

It was not until then that Zac realized what had happened. He shrugged his shoulders with an expressionless face like the cold wind.

Essie walked over and patted him on the shoulder. With a playful look on her face, she said, "I didn't see that you had ever flown over the Himalayas. It's so awesome!" She had heard about the story of the hero in the past more than three hundred times from Mandy, and she could remember it even with her eyes closed. It was called 'the independent hero climbing the mountains and rivers', and he could hit eight gangsters by himself...

Zac gently pinched the tip of her chin. "There are still a lot of things you don't know."

Looking at them, Mandy felt sad. She didn't expect that her dream lover was beaten up by her beastie. "Essie, how do you know Thompson?" If they hadn't known each other for a long time and if their relationship was not deep, she still had hope.

The world was so small that she even wanted to curse, "well He is my roommate. "

She knew Mandy too well. Her biggest weakness was her paranoia. As soon as they returned from the journey, she kicked off her childhood sweetheart mercilessly and asked her to accompany her to have a repair operation secretly. Nobody knew that. Now, she'd better keep the relationship between her and Zac as simple as possible, and not affect their friendship. In fact, there was nothing between them. They just got their marriage certificate by accident and had sex once. After two months, they would separate and never contact each other again.

On hearing the word "roommate", Zac didn't say anything. His eyes darkened. Did he allow her to avoid their relationship?

Mandy was greatly relieved, it's good news that they are not couples. For close friends, she could share everything, except love. Everyone was selfish in front of love. She smiled, "I don't know your real name yet."

It seemed that he didn't hear what she said. Playing the iPad in his hand, he didn't answer her question. At the same time, Essie explained for him, "his name is Zac, 26 years old, coming from Dragon City." That was the only thing she knew about him. She didn't want to ask anything else if he didn't say. She was good at making a fool of herself afte

r all.

Mandy nodded. She was very disappointed because Zac ignored her. Wasn't she beautiful enough? Wasn't she attractive enough? She had always been confident about her appearance. She was the most beautiful woman in the world, breathtaking and ecstatic. Every man would stare blankly at her, and blood boiled. It was impossible that Zac didn't even look at her!

"Zac, can I call you like this?" She tried to get along with him, but he was ungrateful. "We are not that close." He turned her down without hesitation. He was in a bad mood since she was involved in it.

Essie turned her head and looked at Zac. The cruelty in his eyes scared her.

Who offended him? He was so ferocious!

Mandy was embarrassed and disappointed. She lowered her eyes and almost cried. Essie hurried to ease the atmosphere, "he was just kidding. You can call him as you like." As soon as she finished her words, she felt a chill swept over her face. She chose to ignore it.

Mandy didn't get any comforts. His cold face showed that he was not joking at all.

"Ladies, come and eat pears. I bought them today. They're fresh,"

She then changed the topic, trying to active the atmosphere. She took a pear from the coffee table. When she was about to peel it, Zac grabbed the knife from her in a rude manner. "Didn't I buy you a peel?"

"I forgot." With a simple smile, she ran into the kitchen and took out the peel. Last time she peeled an apple and cut her finger, so Zac bought it. It was simple but useful.

She put the pear back to the lawn, and quipped as she rotated the handle, "now that I have this peeling divine weapon, mom doesn't need to worry about my peeling anymore."

"I don't have to worry that someone will find an excuse to have a rest." Zac sneered.

Essie made a face to him? She knew him wouldn't suddenly be kind, so he just wanted to enslave her.

Next to them, Eva burst into laughter. "The more I look at you, the more I think you are not roommates, but like young couples."

Zac glanced at her. It sounded reasonable.

Essie said and put the peeled pear in front of Eva to shut her up.

Eva's words didn't make Mandy happy. She found that the coldness in Zac's eyes was always warm when they looked at Essie. Was it because they were familiar with each other, or because the relationship between them was more than roommates?

She must figure it out!

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