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   Chapter 16 The Call For Love

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"Warm my bed!" He opened his thin lips slightly and slowly spit out two words. Essie was choked by soup. She coughed so hard that her face turned red. With tears in her eyes, she fiercely glared at the culprit next to her.

No way.

Without even pat her on the back, Zac continued to eat his meal, as if he would not care whether she was alive or dead if she didn't agree.

Hearing that, Essie was overwhelmed with fury. He was such a rascal and cold-blooded animal. The woman who married him was unlucky. She would divorce him as soon as the time was up. She didn't want to wait for more than half a minute.

In a weird silence, they finished their lunch.

After tidying up the bowls and chopsticks, she took out a notebook that she used to keep accounts. She was used to keeping down every penny she spent clearly.

"As for the expenses during these days, you can check it." She put the notebook in front of him, and said, "I'll pay the bill for your accommodation fee, but the other expenditures should be shared equally by us two." I'll pay the money now. You can give it back to me when we get divorced... "

Before she finished her words, he took out a credit card from his purse and pressed it on the Notebook. "Swipe it by yourself. There is no password and no signature." He said coolly without even glancing at the book in front of him.

Hearing that, Essie was shocked again. How could that be?

"No!" She shook her head, "no, no, no. Since we are neither relatives nor friends, I won't take your card. Or I would be regarded as a thief!"

'We were neither relatives nor friends?' ROM snorted and raised his thick eyebrows, "isn't this a kiss?"

You sex maniac! With her eyes widely open, Essie glowered at him and threatened, "believe it or not, I'll max out your card!"

Shrugging, Zac said, "I don't care. It's your loss if you don't max out my card during the existence of our marriage." She was awesome if she did it.

Essie kept silent.

It sounded like Zac didn't care about it at all. Instea

d, he even encouraged her to play?

Brother, there is money in the card, not water!

She was stunned and exclaimed!

It's so rare to meet a freak!

"Okay, I'll keep the card for you. Don't worry. I'll settle it with you. I won't spend an extra penny."

Since he was so generous, she would accept it as a financial products for him. In this way, she could also prevent him from backing out.

She put the card and the book into the room. As soon as she came out, she heard the doorbell ringing.

"Essie, are you there?"

"Essie, it's us. Open the door quickly."

She was very familiar with this gentle and crisp voices. They were her two best friends: Mandy and Eva.

There were friends since they were young. They went to the same school from junior high school to senior high school. They even chose the same college and work in the same city.

Mandy was an internship anchorwoman in Yang City Satellite TV. When she heard about Hanson's engagement, she immediately called Eva and ran towards Essie.

On the day of March 31st, Essie sent a private message to her bosom friends on WeChat, declaring that she would express her love to her dream man. Now that he was engaged, she must be sad.

As soon as they entered the door, Eva took a look at Essie. Seeing that she was fine, Eva felt relieved a lot.

Zac sat on the sofa in the living room.

At the sight of him, Eva said, "no wonder the call for love is transferred."

"Don't get me wrong. He..." Before Essie could explain, Mandy, who was standing behind her, shouted, "Thompson! You are Thompson!"

Hearing the name, Essie and Eva were startled! They all knew that Mandy had been infatuated with this man for four years. He was her hero but she didn't know his name!

Zac rolled his eyes and glanced at Mandy. He used the net name once. How did this woman know?

Mandy felt a little disappointed when she didn't get any reply from him. She had looked for him for so many years, but she didn't expect that he had no impression of her at all.

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