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   Chapter 16 The Call For Love

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"Warm my bed." Essie almost choked at his words. She coughed so hard that her face turned beet red. With tears in her eyes, she glared at the culprit next to her.

'There was no way in hell,' she thought to herself.

Without even patting her back, Zac continued to eat his meal. It was as if it never happened or he couldn't care less with her reaction.

Her eyes flashed with fury. Not only was he a rascal, but it seemed that he was also a cold-blooded animal. The woman who's fated to marry him must be incredibly unlucky in her past life. She gritted her teeth. Once her time was up, she would divorce him not a second later.

They finished their lunch in uncomfortable silence.

After tidying up the bowls and chopsticks, she took out her notebook she used to keep account of all of her income and expenses. Essie was used to writing down every penny that she spent.

"These are the expenses we've incurred in the past few days." She placed the notebook in front of him. "I'll pay your accommodation fee, but the rest of the expenditures will be split into two. I'll pay for it now, but you have to pay it back when we're divorced."

However, before she could add anything more, the man took out his credit card and placed it on top of her notebook. "Swipe it yourself. There's no password, and it doesn't need any signature," he said coldly, as if he couldn't care any less what the amount was.

Her jaw clenched.

"Hell no," she refused, shaking her head. "We're not relatives or even friends for that matter. I won't take your card."

'We're not relatives or friends?' Zac snorted at the thought, raising his thick eyebrows. "From what I know, you're my wife, aren't you?"

She gritted her teeth, glowering at him. "I'll max out your card if I'll take it," she warned spitefully.

"I don't care. In fact, it's your loss if you don't try to max it out during our agreement." He shrugged, crossing his arms.

Essie's eyes widened.

It sounded like Zac didn't care about what she did. In

fact, he even encouraged her to use his card in the first place!

Did he even know the value of money at this point?

She stuttered, trying to get a hold of her tongue.

What the hell was the man thinking?

"Since you insist, I'll keep it for you. Don't worry. I won't spend an extra penny using this," she stated firmly.

Since he was so generous, she would keep it. Maybe then, this could also prevent him from backing out of their agreement.

Essie placed the card and her book in their room. When she came out, she heard someone ringing her doorbell.

"Essie, are you there?"

"It's us. Open the door."

She was very familiar with their voices. In fact, they belonged to her two best friends–Mandy and Eva.

They were best friends since they were kids. They all went to the same high school together, and they even chose the same college to study in. Although they had different jobs now, they still lived in the same city.

Mandy was an anchorwoman in Yang City Satellite TV. When she heard about Hanson's engagement, she immediately called Eva and ran to Essie.

On March 31, Essie had told them that she would be declaring her love to her dream man. They were worried that she must be devastated with the news of his engagement.

As soon as they entered the door, Eva observed Essie. Seeing that she was fine, she felt relieved.

Zac sat on the sofa of her living room.

At the sight of him, Eva smirked. "No wonder you don't look devastated," she teased.

"No! He–" Before Essie could explain, Mandy jumped in excitement. "Thompson! You're Thompson!"

Hearing the name, Essie and Eva were startled. They all knew that Mandy had been infatuated with Thompson for four years. He was her hero, but she didn't even know his true name.

Zac pursed his lips. He had only used that name once. How did this woman know?

Mandy's shoulders sagged in disappointment at the lack of his reaction. She had looked for him for so many years. She didn't expect that he didn't know her at all.

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