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   Chapter 15 Revenge

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At that moment, she was competing the vendors by the roadside with him.

"Old man, it's almost noon. Look at your vegetable. The leaves are yellow and the stems are withering and not fresh anymore. If you don't sell at the price of 1.5 dollars per kilogram now, no one would want it till afternoon. Besides, the governor has sent out a lot of patrols every day. " Hearing the latter words, the peddler sighed, "OK, OK, deal."

Essie grinned, showing two dimples on her cheeks. Zac looked at her with a hint of irony in his eyes. She was really stingy that cut the price from 3 dollars per kilo in half. But he liked the person who love money since they are better to deal with. As long as she was willing to cooperate at that time, he would give her a considerable compensation.

Then Essie picked up another 3-pound vegetables and gave the seller 20 dollars. The seller gave her 18.5 dollars, and she got two more. She took the money back and said, "Sir, you gave me extra change. I will return it to you."

The man sighed, "there are few young people as honest as you now."

Essie said, "a gentleman loves money and gets it in a reasonable way."

Zac was quite satisfied with this.

Then they went to the vegetable market. However, Zac would never take a step forward. It was a taboo to walk into a dirty and crowded place. She had to get in on her own and bought meat, armor, bamboo shoots and eggs.

Zac thought she couldn't cook because she ate either noodles or buns at home every day, so he decided to revenge on her for her comments about his ability.

The scene in the kitchen was totally different from what he imagined.

There was no rush, no pot fighting, no frantic scream. The woman was leisurely and methodical.

Zac felt half disappointed and half admired for her serious look in doing something. He knew that once she made her decision, she would do it best. That was the only highlight of her character, and also the place that would attract him.

Soon, two dishes and one soup were served on the table.

The dishes were very delicious, with the fresh taste in the light, which was in line with the tastes of Zac. He

was picky about the taste but he had to yield.

When Essie saw him nodding, she smiled and asked, "do you like it?"

"How do you know my taste?" Zac asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I don't know, but I'm talented to have a rough guess." Then she fluttered her eyelashes, like two happy wings of a butterfly.

"About what?" Zac gazed at her with his dark eyes. From the time they knew each other till now, they only had dinner together for once or two times, and he was curious about how she had guessed it.

Taking a sip of soup, she cleared her throat and said, "the first time we have noodles in a restaurant, you ordered the waiter to prepare the bland noodles with mushrooms and soy sauce for the first time. And also asked the waiter not to put in enough essence and soy sauce. For the second time we had the wedding banquet in the restaurant of Jaguar, you specially chose light dishes with fresh flavor. That's why I guessed you. You have a very cunning mouth. You don't eat spicy, salty and sweet. You prefer mushroom, bamboo shoots, beryl and other dishes with fresh flavor. "

Zac's eyes twinkled slightly, and a strange spirit crept out from the bottom of his eyes. It flowed in his dark pupils, seeming mysterious and charming.

The little girl looked muddled and thought she was a natural fool. But she had such a strong observation. She was the woman of great wisdom often appearing slow-witted, he liked!

"It's not a bad deal to marry you as a wife." He showed a rare charming smile. The smile was so powerful that it went down like a bomb. Even though he was half a meter away, she could still feel countless captivating flames falling down at her feet.

She lowered her eyes to hide his radiation and didn't look at him. "You're a bad husband." She responded directly.

"Why?" He smiled happily.

Essie sighed and said, "I have to clean your room, wash your clothes and cook for you. I'm not only your maid, but also a cook. I've suffered a lot."

Lying against the back of the chair, Zac flashed a playful smile and said, "actually, you can only do one thing."

"What is it?" Her eyes were brightened up by Zac's words.

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