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   Chapter 14 The Handsome Guy In Sleep

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However, Essie didn't take further action. She slipped out of his arms, jumped off the bed, grabbed the drawing board and pen, and sat cross legged on the bed.

Zac opened his eyes a little and took a deep breath silently.

This girl was painting him!

How dare she take him as a human model without his permission!

So he turned his back on her.

A girl had to stand up and moved to the other side.

He turned over again, and the woman moved again.

After three rounds, Essie got angry and yelled, "roll over and over again. Are you dreaming?"

While the man was embarrassed like a row of crows flew in his mind. He decided to cooperate with her for one time. If the painting wasn't good enough and ruined his image, he would immediately tear it into pieces and throw it into the trash can.

Seeing that he didn't move, Essie shook her head and sighed slightly, "that's all right. You can even dream so fast. I'm sure you can do it quicker."

Zac felt embarrassed again!

It was an extreme humiliation for a man to be questioned of his ability to do something!

'If the tiger does not get angry, you would take it as a sick cat. If the sharp dragon didn't go out of the hole, you would take it as a little caterpillar. Do you believe that I will bring you up and show you what a genius I am!'

Half an hour later, when he tried hard to suppress his anger, Essie finished her masterpiece a handsome young man in sleep.

"Perfect!" She sighed. Apparently, she was praising the painting in her hand, and the man took it as a praise to himself. His anger immediately diminished.

As Essie was going to hide the painting, Zac said in a low voice, "does it infringe my right of portrait."

Essie was scared by Zac's threat. Then she turned around and gave him an embarrassed smile. "We are still legally husband and wife. So I have the portraiture right of you." Before she finished speaking, the person on the bed rushed over like a tornado. He pulled her into his arms and said, "s

ince we are a couple now, shouldn't you fulfill your duty as a wife?"

Looking pale, Essie grasped her collar in a hurry and said, "did you say I am a dried and flat parchment, and you don't feel good when touching me? You would not be interested in me?"

With a snort, Zac said angrily, "someone teased me just now. I have to prove myself!"

God! Essie stuck out her tongue at him. She didn't expect that he would hear it. Did he have such a sharp ears?

"Well You got me wrong. I was saying a football, and your long legs can definitely shoot in a second on the football field, and ten Ronaldo can't stop you. " Hearing her ambiguous explanation, Zac was both angry and funny. Her big black eyes rolled and rolled, which were quirky. It was extraordinary. So his anger dissipated. However, she couldn't be forgiven so easily. His insufferable male dignity would not be compromised!

"I'm hungry. You go and cook." He gave his order.

Essie was struck dumb again, and the topic changed so fast that she was a little unable to react. She turned around and looked out of the window. The sun was hanging in the air. It was noon and she hadn't had breakfast yet. She was indeed hungry, but Zac ate meals outside every day.

"If you are hungry, you can go out to eat." She curled her lips.

"From today on, I'll eat at home. You cook." He was overbearing, like a king who gave orders, and no objection was allowed. He snatched the painting over her hand and looked at it. It was a nice painting and could be put into a private storage room.

Essie thought in her mind, 'bandits! Fortunately, she didn't mean to marry him. Otherwise, she would be tortured every minute.

In the past few days, Zac had a preliminary impression of her: being in a daze and careless; drinking water could scald her legs; sometimes peeling fruit could even cut her hands; going out, she might forget to take her mobile phone; walking, she stepped on dog shit... Today, he found something new. Essie was just an iron hen.

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