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   Chapter 13 Zac's Tricks

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"You can sleep on my bed," Essie stated.

His lips twitched. "Okay." Zac walked towards the bed and proceeded to lie down. When he reached out his arms to hold her slim waist, she tried her best to shrug him off.

"Let me go. I'll sleep on the sofa," she snapped. 'There's no way in hell that we'll be sleeping on the same bed!' she thought.

Essie struggled under his arms, but it only encouraged him to pin her down even more. "I'm cold. Isn't it your duty to warm me up?"

"You can tuck yourself in if you feel cold!" She kicked the quilt towards him angrily. If she didn't ask him for help in the first place, then she would've taken the opportunity to kick him where the sun doesn't shine!

"Well, you're warmer than the quilt." He placed his chin on her shoulder wantonly, breathing in her heavenly fragrance. There was something about her that made him addicted to her scent.

Of course, this didn't mean that he cared for her. He had always been indifferent to these types of feelings. He wouldn't fall in love that easily. She was just a special woman.

Being held in his arms, she couldn't help but blush in embarrassment. The heat she felt against his chest spread across her veins. She couldn't help but feel even hotter under his grip. She unconsciously began to twist her body against him.

"I suggest you don't move," he whispered. His voice was hoarse.

She froze as silence drifted upon them. She didn't want to irritate him.

Unfortunately, in a few minutes, the phone ran out of power.

Darkness fell around her like a curtain.

Feeling as if she was trapped once again, she screamed and buried her head into his chest. Her small body was convulsing like a frightened cat.

Zac's body stiffened as he held her in his arms, trying to contain her.

She calmed down after a few seconds.

After a long while, her timid voice broke the silence. "Zac, can you sing something for me?"

He frowned. He never sang.

However, Essie lifted her gaze and pouted. "Please? I won't be scared anymore if

you sing," she urged.

"Why don't you use your phone?" He tweaked her ear.

"It died." Essie pouted and started to draw circles on his chest with her finger, as if to express her dissatisfaction.

The heat rose in his chest sharply. He hurriedly grasped her restless hand. "What do you want to hear?" Zac had never been this tender with any woman, but there was something about her that softened his guard around his heart.

"Anything," she said slyly.

He sighed. Without another thought, he began to sing an old song in English.

His voice was incredibly magnetic and soft. It was as if she was listening to an entire orchestra in her ear. She leaned against his chest, feeling it vibrate as he continued. The man had absolutely no shortcomings.

His English was great. In fact, he sounded like he grew up in the States. She couldn't help but feel ashamed over her poor English.

Zac was definitely not uneducated.

"What else can you do?" she murmured bitterly.

"You'll know in time," he whispered.

After a night of hasty winds and heavy rainfall, the sky became more peaceful over time.

Essie didn't know when she had fallen asleep. All she knew was that when she woke up, Zac's arms were wrapped around her. Zac didn't close his eyes till he was a hundred percent sure that Essie was sound asleep.

She raised her head and stared at him secretly.

He was indeed a rare beauty. Even when he was asleep, he still looked incredibly charming.

The sharp edges of his jawline were softer, and his hair lied flat on his head.

Although it felt as if God had played a cruel trick on her, she didn't feel so bad about it anymore. It wasn't that much of a loss to lose her virginity to such a handsome man.

She couldn't help but let her thumb graze against his face. Even the man's skin was good. Did he always have such a nice skin?

Zac woke up at her touch, but he didn't dare open his eyes. Instead, he continued to pretend as if he was still sleeping, wondering to what extent she was willing to go.

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