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   Chapter 13 Zac's tricks

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 4333

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"You can sleep on my bed." She said straightforwardly.

There was some mystery in his eyes, "okay." He walked to the bed and lay down. He reached out his arm and held her slim waist. As he withdrew his arm, she fell into his arms.

"Let me go. I'll sleep on the sofa!" 'how could he dream of sleeping on the same bed with me? No way!'.

She struggled hard to sit up, but was pinned down by him. "I'm cold and it's you duty to warm me up!"

"You can tuck yourself in if you feel cold!" She kicked the quilt to him angrily. If she didn't ask him for help, she would certainly kick him on the body.

"You are warmer than the quilt." He put his chin on her shoulder wantonly, and her body emitted a faint fragrance, which was full of poison that made him addicted to it.

Of course, this did not mean that he would care about her. He had always been indifferent to love. He would not fall in love easily. She was just a special woman.

Being held in his arms, she was ashamed and embarrassed. The heat hidden under his slightly cold skin was slowly spread out, and it passed into her veins. She felt even hotter. She unconsciously began to twist her body.

A man said, "dehydrated radishes. I'm not interested in you, but I'm a normal man after all. If you do something to me again, you'll pay for it." His throat was parched and his voice became hoarse.

When she saw him again, she was too scared to breathe normally. She didn't want to irritate him.

Unfortunately, her phone ran out of power at this time.

Darkness fell again like curtain.

She screamed and buried her head into his chest without caring about anything. Her little body kept shaking, like a frightened cat.

Zac's body stiffened and exhaled deeply, in case his inner injury was aggravated. Then he took advantage of the opportunity to hold her in his arms.

The room was silent, and only a heavy and gentle breath quietly intertwined.

After a long while, a timid voice broke the silence. "Zac, can you sing a song for me?"

Zac didn't respond. He never sang.

Essie, who was full of expectation in his arms, raised her eyes and took a stealthy glanc

e at him. Seeing that he didn't move his lips, she pouted and said, "hurry up. I'm not scared when hearing the song!"

"Play music on your phone." He tweaked her ear.

"It's out of power." She put out her tongue, drew circles on his chest with her finger, as if to express her dissatisfaction.

The heat in his chest rose sharply. He hurriedly grasped the restless little hand. "What do you want to hear?" He surrendered. He didn't know how to have a tender heart for a woman. But this woman was a complete different story.

Then, with a sly smile on her face, she said, "anything you can sing."

Zac sighed. It was an old song in English.

His voice was so pleasant, soft and deep, magnetic, like a pearl dropping on a jade plate. She was totally drunk. How could this man have no shortcomings?

She found that his English was so great that it was a standard and authentic American pronunciation. She felt so ashamed about her poor English!

It seemed that Zac had read books and completed nine-year compulsory education at least. He was not an uneducated hobo!

"Zac, you'd better be honest with me. What else can you do?"

"If you want to know, take your time."

After a night of wind and rain, the sky is very clear.

Essie didn't know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was in the arms of Zac. It was only when she fell asleep that Zac dared to close his eyes. He was still in sound sleep.

She raised her head and stared at him secretly.

A beauty was indeed a beauty. Even when he was asleep, he was still so charming.

But his sharp edges were softer and a little messy and coquettish than when he was awake.

Although the God had played a big joke on her, she no longer hated it. It was not a loss to give her virginity to such a beauty!

She couldn't help but reach out to touch his face. This guy's skin was so good, and the most important thing was that he didn't even have a tiny mole. Was it because of the good nature? Or his careful concern?

Touched by her, Zac woke up, but he did not open his eyes and continued to pretend sleeping. He wanted to see how this woman was going to harass him?

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