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   Chapter 12 The Hero Saved The Beauty

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However, the thought that if he was delayed for a second and the hope of saving Essie would be less came in his mind, so he rushed to the window of the second floor.

Kicking the broken glass window, he jumped into the room. Under the dim light, he saw her lying on the ground. Her whole body kept twitching and her lips were colorless, and her face was as pale as paper.

He lifted her up, lay on the bed, pressed her heart and gave her artificial respiration.

When she saw him and saw the light in the room, Essie's fear was relieved a little. After he succeeded in blowing through air, the muscle of her throat stopped and she could breathe smoothly.

"A heart attack? Where is the medicine? " He asked anxiously.

"No medicine. I'm suffering from somber fear." Said Essie, shaking her head weakly.

He was a little relieved for she was not suffering from heart disease.

The claustrophobia came and go quickly. After drinking a glass of water, Essie felt much better.

"Zac, it's too dangerous for you to climb up from the outside." She didn't expect that he would risk his life to save her, and she was so grateful to him.

"If not, how can I come in?" Zac took a glance at the furniture behind the door.

"I'm sorry." She was embarrassed and apologetic. "Your clothes are all wet. Hurry up to change them. Be careful of catching a cold." She wanted to help him unbutton his shirt, but the moment her hand touched his collar, she retracted it like a needle.

In the darkness, a cold light flashed by. "To tell the truth, you are dried and flat like a whole dehydrated carrot, I am not interested in even if you take the initiative!" Zac's vicious voice echoed in the air.

Essie was speechless when hearing this. The good feeling she had just got vanished in the air.

She had a rather full bust with her height of 169cm and her weight of 96kg.

"You're not my type, either." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Who's your type, Hanson?" Zac couldn't help but frown.

"Yes, I like him." She pouted.

Blazing anger smoldered in Zac' heart. He mercilessly took off his wet clothes and threw them onto the sofa.

The hazy light, like a thin veil, gently enveloped his perfect body.

Looking at the fascinating abdominal muscles, Essie was stunned.

A drop of water fell down from the beautiful man's dark hair to his chest. It went down alon

g the graceful curve of the muscles slowly. The lascivious man's gaze slowly shifted, stayed in the majestic part.

"Is it beautiful?" Zac said in a cold voice.

Essie nodded unconsciously. As a fashion designer, she had been accustomed to seeing the good-looking models. However, it was the first time that she had ever met a clothing rack with such a perfect figure.

She suddenly came up with an idea. She should draw a sketch for the naked man.

Blankly, the handsome face of Zac came close to her and asked, "who is more beautiful, me or Hanson?"

"From the aesthetic point of view, you are better than him." Essie said honestly.

Zac was in a good mood. A small smile occurred at the corners of his mouth. She had a good taste.

But Essie continued, "personally, I like the type of Hanson more."

Hanson was always gentle and elegant with a smile on his face. It made him as warm and peaceful as the spring breeze. As for Zac, he was too cold, too deep, with a poker face and a pair of cold eyes that could not be understood. Such a person was like the cold moon in the sky, shining and pleasing, but they could only look from a distance and not be closed.

Before she finished her words, the smile at Zac's lips fell down. "Are you nearsighted?"

"Not very serious. My left eye is 0. 8 and my right eye is 1. 0." Essie nodded.

"No wonder you are badly mutilated. I will send you to the eye clinic next time." Zac flicked her forehead. "Ouch!" The pain made her cry out, "eye sight can't be cured, and I'm not serious. There is no need to look for doctors." She pretended to be confused.

"At least you can correct your eyes," Zac snorted. He thought Hanson was not better than him. There must be something wrong with her eyes as she liked this kind of men.

Essie made a face and stuck out her tongue at him, thinking that Zac was so arrogant that he didn't allow others to say anything better than him.

Outside the window, the storm was still raging. It seemed that the security would not be back to normal.

Zac pushed the three "mountains" back to their original place. But before he could leave, Essie grabbed his arm and said, "please don't leave me alone."

Zac didn't plan to leave. When he turned around and saw her imploring eyes, he felt very happy. He decided to take the opportunity to enjoy it. "I'm sleepy." He yawned on purpose.

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