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   Chapter 12 The Hero Saved The Beauty

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However, the thought of him delaying it any further came into his mind. Without another thought, he reached out for the handle, climbing up to the second floor. Zac gritted his teeth as he hoisted himself up one step at a time. Thunder crackled in a distance, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to save Essie.

Once he arrived, he kicked the glass window and swung himself into the room. Under the light of his cellphone, he could see her lying on the ground. Her whole body was convulsing and her lips were colorless. She looked as if she had just joined the cast of zombies.

Zac lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He began to perform artificial respiration.

Essie was finally conscious. Seeing the dim light across the room, her fear had been relieved. As he continued to blow air into her system, the muscle in her throat slowly unwound, allowing her to breathe more easily.

"Did you have a heart attack? Where's your medicine?" Zac asked anxiously, glancing around.

"No. I suffered from claustrophobia, that's all," she answered weakly.

His shoulders sagged in relief at the thought of her not suffering from a heart attack.

Claustrophobia came and went quickly. As soon as she finished up a glass of water, she felt much better.

"Do you know what you did was dangerous?" she admonished. Essie didn't expect that he would risk his own life to save her. She was grateful to him. A small smile inched into her lips.

"How can I come in then?" Zac motioned to the furniture surrounding the door.

"About that...I'm sorry?" Her cheeks flushed as she avoided his startling gaze. "You're all wet. Why don't you change them? You might catch a cold if you're wearing them for too long." She wanted to help him unbutton his shirt, but the moment her hand grazed upon his collarbone, she retracted from her hold.

"Even if you take the initiative, I'm not interested in you. I hope you keep that in mind," he said viciously.

The grateful feeling she had for him had vanished in thin air.

Although she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, she certainly wasn't as bad as he said she was. She had a rather full bust for a height of 169cm, and she was incredibly well-shaped.

"Well, you're not my type either," she snapped, rolling her eyes.

"Who's your type then? Hanson?" He scowled.

"You got that right." Essie nodded firmly.

Anger filled Zac's heart. He mercilessly took off his drenched clothing and threw them onto the sofa, glaring at her.

The hazy light highlighted his well-defined muscles.

Even Essie couldn't help but let her eyes wander around for a bit.

Drops of water fell from his dark hair onto his chest, trailing across his creamy skin and outlining his abs. She blushed. Zac smirked as he shifted his gaze towards her.

"Liking the view?" he said coldly.

Essie almost nodded subconsciously. As a fashion designer, she had always been accustomed to seeing great-looking models. However, this was the first time she had seen such a perfect figure.

A part of her wanted to sketch him.

"Who do you think is better now?" asked Zac.

"If you're talking about looks, you're better than him," she said honestly.

A small smile tugged his lips.

"But personality-wise, Hanson's better," she continued.

Hanson was gentle and elegant. He was a sweet summery scent along the spring breeze. There was something about him that made her feel as if she was breathing in fresh air. Zac, however, was wrapped around in his own enigma. He was far too cold and deep that she sometimes couldn't stand him. He was the type of person who one could admire from afar but could never get close to.

"Are you blind?" he snapped.

"Well, I am near-sighted if that's what you're asking," she said slowly, nodding.

"No wonder. Maybe I should take you to an eye clinic." He flicked her on the forehead. She scowled. "There's absolutely no need for that." "Your eyesight must've gotten worse,"

he murmured. Zac thought that Hanson was incomparable to him. He couldn't understand why Essie liked him more.

Essie made a face and stuck out her tongue at him. She thought that he was extremely arrogant.

Outside the window, the storm was raging behind them.

Zac pushed the furniture back to their original positions, but before he could leave, Essie grabbed his arm. "Please don't leave me alone," she whispered, showing her more vulnerable side.

When he saw her imploring gaze, he couldn't help but feel happy. His heart twitched. "I'm getting sleepy anyway," he murmured. Zac yawned.

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