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   Chapter 11 You Are Not Allowed To Die

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It was late at night. The weather suddenly changed. Dark clouds were gathering. A rainstorm was approaching.

In the room, the small night lights emitted dim light, and Essie felt lonely and warm in the air.

Besides, Essie had claustrophobia and always lit up the light when she was sleeping.

She couldn't fall asleep and couldn't help thinking of Hanson.

Although he was going to get married, she still liked him. This kind of love lasted for five years silently and became an irresistible habit to her.

If the girl he was going to marry wasn't the one she hated, she would have given him her heartfelt wishes. But now, somehow, she was kind of pissed off.

Was the taste of the perfect senior a little bad?

A fierce gale came, blowing the leaves rustling. Then, a fiery lightning fell from the sky, tearing open a huge crack in the thick cloud sky. The torrential rain poured down from the crack and instantly swallowed the whole world.

She jumped off the bed, closed the window and drew up the curtain. When she walked back to the bedside, a thunderbolt was heard and the night lamp on the bedside was turned off.

Suddenly, there was no any light in the room.

The room suddenly became deathly still, as if no one lived there.

Essie's nerve suddenly tightened. She fumbled around the bed for her phone, but couldn't find it.

The more she thought, the more scared she became. The last thing she wanted to do was run away from that place! But the door was blocked tightly by giant furniture and she couldn't get close to the door at all. She tried to push the sofa away, but her hands and feet were trembling violently and unable to make any strength.

"Let me out, don't lock me, let me out..." The terrible memory of her childhood, like rolling and turbid, surrounded her tightly, and she felt she could not breathe. She fell on the ground, trembling all over and sweated heavily.

"Zac, help me, Zac --" at this moment, he was the only person that could help her. She

cried out with all her strength.

Zac didn't sleep. Hearing the sound from the next room, he jumped out of bed like a koi fish and rushed out.

"Essie, what's wrong with you?"

"Help me out Help me... " Her voice was getting weak, and her throat was twisting with nervousness.

His internal organs were twisting into a mess. The first thought that came to his mind was that she had a sudden heart attack.

"Hold on. I'll be right there."

He tried to open the door but failed, guessing that she must have taken something to block the door.

He sweat silently in his heart. He kicked the door hard. "Crack!" The door was opened, and he could see the huge heavy object behind.

He took a deep breath. How insecure this woman was?

"How are you doing, Essie?"

There was no response inside, and Essie's throat was convulsed and blocked, unable to make any sound.

What's the hell! Zac cursed. He had always been fearless. Even if someone pointed at his forehead with a gun, he remained calm. Why was he scared at this moment?

"Essie, hold on! Don't die!" He yelled. If she wanted to die, she had to wait until they got divorced. He didn't want to become a widower after the first marriage.

He opened the door and rushed out like a gust of wind. It would take too much time to kick the door open, so he'd better climb up from the firefighting pipe outside in a hurry.

Violent winds were blowing heavily outside and heavy rain poured down. There was lightning and rain outside the door, but he saw nothing. A thick sycamore tree in the community had been uprooted by the strong wind and fallen on the ground.

Once Zac was out, he was soaked to the skin, but he didn't care about it. All he thought about was Essie's safety.

He had been specially trained in the special force before. It was a piece of cake for him to climb up the second floor with hands. But now, since the wind was blowing hard and the rain was slippery, he might fall in danger if he was not careful enough.

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