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   Chapter 10 It Was Just An Accident

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She picked up the bath towel and wrapped herself in panic. Her face turned from blush to dark red, as if she was about to light up a fire. At the moment, Zac's eyes were lit up and two clusters of flames came into his eyes. He rushed to her like a tornado and stood in front of her. She was so scared that she forgot to run away. She hurriedly stepped back and wanted to keep a safe distance with him.

But she took a step back. He moved forward until he locked her in the corner.

"What What are you doing? " She clutched the bath towel on her chest and looked like a sheep in horror.

Zac's strong arms crossed her shoulders, and she was locked. Zac was so close to Essie that Essie could feel his heart beating as fast as hers. Zac asked, "did you do it on purpose?" His voice was hoarse and his throat was so hot that he could feel his breath on her face, which made her feel a dull pain in the nerve tip.

"Nonsense. I Why should I show you? " Driven by fear, Essie felt like she had walked around the lake for a long time. She couldn't breathe without a drip of water. But his fierce eyes did not stop grilling her. He raised his hand and touched her face lightly and slowly, like a feather brushing across it.

She should have turned her head away, but she did not move.

So he became more presumptuous.

The kiss was from no emotions. Strangely, when he was sober, his body and heart did not react against her at all. Instead, they were rather happy.

She was completely at a loss, not knowing how to react. She just stood there, not knowing how to deal with him.

He didn't have any skill, and he was just like a curious child exploring his new toy.

Time froze at that moment.

He kept telling himself to stop, but he was still addicted to her beautiful breath. He reluctantly released her until she was about to suffocate.

He looked down at her, with tenderness in his eyes that even he himself did not notice. At this moment, she was half drunk and half awake, like a bud of clear water lotus, but when she was completely awake, she became an angry little wild cat, raised her hand and slapped it towards him. "Bastard!"

Instantly, his face was covered with five fingerprints.

In this world, she was the first person who dared to slap him!

His black eyes narrowed a little, and a bloodthirsty fierceness flashed in his eyes. "I'll show you what a real hooligan is!" Then he lifted her up, walked into the room and threw

her on the bed.

Overwhelmed by fear, she struggled to sit up. But a big hand reached out, grabbed the bath towel on her chest, and pulled it. Then she was exposed in the air.

"No -" she screamed, clutched the pillow to cover her body, curled up at the head of the bed and trembled. "Don't come over. If you dare to touch me, I will call the police to sue you for molesting!"

He sneered sinisterly. "My wife and I make love, and it's none of anyone's business. "


"I I was wrong. I apologize. I will let you call back. Is that okay? " Since he was irritated by that slap, she decided to beg for mercy and beat up the weak. She closed her eyes, as if she was ready to be beaten, and the tears were slightly quivering on her eyelashes.

Zac's heart trembled with fear. He glanced at her red and bloodshot mouth. All of a sudden, his anger was gone, and he treated her with tenderness.

He took a deep breath and walked slowly forward.

When she heard the footsteps approaching, she tightened her grip on the pillow, raised her head a little higher, and was ready to be hit.

There was a slight smile at the corners of Zac' mouth. He raised his hand, flicked gently on her forehead, turned around and walked out.

This time, Zac just let her go. Next time, if she dared to fire him again, she had to solve the problem by herself.

Hearing the footsteps far away, she opened her eyes again secretly and let out a long sigh of relief. She was so lucky to be the survivor of danger.

There was a shower in the bathroom and Zac went into it. She dared not stay long. She grab the bath towel on the ground, wrapped her body, and ran into her room.

For the whole night, she dared not fall asleep. Her eyes were fixed on the door. The day before yesterday, when she accidentally locked the door, Zac easily opened it with a credit card. If he wanted to come in, it would be as easy as turning over a palm. The lock could not stop him at all. What if a hungry wolf came to eat her?

She looked around and came up with an idea.

She jumped off the bed, exerted some strength to push the big wardrobe behind the door, and then pushed the bookshelf toward the door. The two mountains were blocked tightly.

Thinking of Zac's strong body, Essie also moved the sofa to the third level of insurance.

She seemed to be very safe, but she couldn't image there would be a disaster in the middle of the night, which made her nowhere to escape!

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