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   Chapter 9 I'm Taking Advantage Of Her

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"Go ahead. " Thinking of this, Essie breathed a sigh of relief. She would do anything as long as his conditions weren't excessive.

"First, you have to keep your nose clean during the survival of our marriage, and don't cheat on me; second, you have to bear the responsibility of my daily life."

Zac said in a very serious tone as the corners of his mouth turned into a grim line.

How dare he! The first condition didn't make sense. Even if she wanted to have an affair, she had to enjoy the scenery outside. The second one was that he intended to treat her like a servant, obviously taking advantage of her perilous situation!

But as long as she could win Sunny, she could bear it. After all, she had only two months!

"Okay, I promise you. You must behave yourself during this period, and don't take advantage of me!"

Before she finished speaking, she was teased by him, "I've seen every part of your body, and there is no part of your body that I've never touched. What else can I take advantage of? "

Feeling embarrassed, Essie wished she could vanish into the crowd right now. She said so many things about Zac in her mind silently before she turned around and walked towards the bus stop.

When they were waiting for the bus to arrive, a woman walked up to them and said, "it's you two. What a coincidence to meet you again."

Essie was stunned again, thinking that she might have mistaken them for the wrong person. Before she spoke, she heard the woman say, "that day when you were registered at the Bureau of civil affairs, my husband and I were also registered at that time." The earth shaking wedding process between them was still fresh in her memory.

"Hello." Startled by Essie's sudden appearance, she greeted her awkwardly.

The woman smiled and glanced at Zac gently. "Handsome boy, you two were so shocked that day! The registration staff said that you were drunk and didn't look good, so you can do it after you were sober. You grabbed his collar with one hand, lifted him up from the chair, and threatened him to disappear from the earth if you didn't hold it. "

She stopped for a moment and gave a thumbs up to Essie, saying, "you're more powerful. You just grabbed the paper knife on your desk and cut off your meridians right away at the sight of your wrist. You said that if you didn't get registered, your blood would splash at the office! Al

l of us were so touched at that time and gave you the first number and tell the staff to serve for you at first. "

Zac coughed in embarrassment. It was better for him to selectively lose his memory during this period of time.

Essie felt embarrassed too.

'I am going to marry him even if I am dead?

Oh, my God! Although she broke up with Hanson, she was not so desired to be married yet!'

When the bus arrived, she waved at the woman and dragged Zac into the car.

"I guess our marriage has been blocked." Zac said with a faint smile.

Luckily, Essie didn't divorce Zac today. Otherwise, she would be taken to the negative teaching material which recorded "the first scene".

As soon as they got back to the apartment, the cohabitation of the two began formally.

A man and a woman stayed in a room. They were either passionate or infatuated with each other.

In order to forget about Hanson, Essie filled up her mind 24 hours a day.

Zac was gone early in the morning.

After getting along with him for a few days, she didn't like him very much. He was sharp tongued, picky and unpredictable. In a word, he had only one advantage: he was handsome!

However, if a man was good-looking, all his shortcomings could be ignored. Obviously, Zac belonged to this kind.

After yoga, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out, Zac came back stealthily. He was standing on the balcony, leaning against the handrail and holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

The bright moon hung high in the sky.

The light became golden, like a descending God's mansion.

With a wide forehead and perfect facial features, he was both Western and western. His eyes were like the brightest starry night which could see through everything and illuminated the darkest part of human heart. However, it was perfect that nobody could pry into his secret.

At that moment, the neckline of his shirt was open, and his muscles and solid breasts were visible to Essie.


She swallowed hard.

His eyes fell on her, and a sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Just now she remembered that she was only wrapped in a bath towel, and her face was flushed. She wanted to hurry to hide in the room, but when she passed through the sofa, the bath towel was unexpectedly released and fell down. Her beautiful scenery was seen by him.

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