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   Chapter 8 We Will Not Get Divorced

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Taking a deep breath, Essie turned around slowly and said, "If you're so sure of yourself, let's take a bet!"

"Okay!" Sunny smiled complacently. She had been competing with Essie for such a long time. She knew her so well that she could easily predict her moves. Essie was obviously inferior to her. She was like a stupid bug whom she could bait and trap easily at will. Right now, she swallowed her trick hook, line and sinker. "Today is April 3. If you don't break up with that man on June 3, you win the game. But you would lose the game if you two break up before the agreed date. As punishment, the loser would have to wear a bikini and dance in the Century Square!"

"Okay!" Essie agreed without hesitation. She then took her cellphone out of her pocket and asked Sunny to repeat the conditions of the bet. The recording would serve as the proof of their bet, in case Sunny planned to back out when she lost. "You just wait and see how I will punish you!" She sneered as she walked away.

Looking at Essie's receding figure, Sunny displayed a sly smile.

June 2 was the day of her wedding with Hanson. As long as Essie was stuck to that young man, she wouldn't have the chance to take Hanson away from her. She would make sure that Essie's remaining hopes would be destroyed completely. She was not worried about the stake of the bet. After all, dancing and acting foolish was child's play for her. Furthermore, she would be on a honeymoon with Hanson in Hawaii right after the wedding. If Essie was to run after her, she would have to go to Hawaii.

Outside the hotel, Essie walked ahead while deep in thought. She was not a fool. She wouldn't join a war that she couldn't win. She wouldn't dare lose to Sunny.

She was the one who had the final say in the outcome, so she dared to make the bet. The most important thing right now was to find a way to convince Zac to cooperate. That mysterious man was a bit tricky to handle.

Seeing that she was silent for a long time, a mischievous smile appeared at the corners of Zac's mouth. "You're depressed, aren't you? The truth is, you don't want to leave and divorce me, do you?"

"Don't be so smug. If I could, I would fly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce you as soon as possible. But when we rode to the hotel venue earlier, I accidentally left our marriage certificate in the bus," Essie replied in a nervous voic

e as she fiddled with her fingers.

"Really?" Zac raised his thick eyebrows slightly. "So, we can't do it this afternoon, can we?"

"Yes," she replied quietly and avoided Zac's suspecting gaze. "It's very troublesome to request for another copy of our marriage certificate. It will take at least a month," she added.

She decided to postpone the divorce for one month. After all, homeless people like Zac who didn't have much work to do could never last in this city. But with his circumstances, he couldn't do anything to her. Clearly, she had the upper hand in this marriage.

Zac's lips stretched into a bigger smile. "You lost the marriage certificate? It's indeed a good excuse, but it's a pity that it's not very clever. We might as well talk about the real problem now." He transfixed her with his penetrating gaze. His sharp eyes seemed as if it could see through everything.

Feeling guilty, Essie lowered her head and did not dare look at him.

'This guy was more shrewd than expected. It's not easy to deceive him.' She observed silently. 'I'd better tell him the truth.'

She thought for a moment before telling him about her bet with Sunny.

Zac touched his chin thoughtfully and did not say anything. After a minute of deliberate and suspenseful silence, he replied, "To be honest, I want to help you, but I don't have a job now. It's very difficult to find a stable place to stay here. I'm afraid..." He stopped intentionally, as if he was hesitating. He sported a regretful expression on his face but a subtle hint of naughtiness was reflected on his charming dark eyes.

"You can live at my place without paying for the rent." Essie offered. The circumstances were perfect. Her roommate had just moved away, and she could share the room with him because she hadn't found a co-tenant yet.

Hearing that, Zac smiled in his heart. The bet with Sunny had helped him a lot.

Yesterday, he had hoped to end this absurd marriage as soon as possible, but today, he had a new plan. Actually, he came to Yang City to seek refuge. He could take advantage of his marriage with Essie to solve his predicament.

He decided to temporarily stay at her house in the next two months to get a better understanding of her. If he could discover her weakness, he could make her follow him obediently.

"Okay, but I have two other conditions!" He gave her a devilish smile.

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