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   Chapter 7 A Bet With A Love Rival

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 3333

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She stopped thinking, with her eyes turning red.

Zac stroked her chin and turned her face around. "From now on, only look at me." Zac didn't want Essie to feel wronged; he wanted her to be the only one in the world during the existence of their marriage.

Hearing that, Essie sniffed and took a glance at him in a coquettish manner. "What's so attractive about you?" she asked

"I'm better looking than him." He snorted, his dark eyes gleaming coldly in the light.

"You wish!" That was totally out of her expectation, and even without any hesitation, he gave her a hard kiss on her lips. When their lips touched, a strong current pierced through them, making them tremble.

Essie's face turned red with shyness again. She didn't expect that this cold man would have such an arrogant side. He dared to kiss her in public.

But now, Zac was her boyfriend. She could not give him a lesson in public but she would not let him go easily.

She lifted her foot under the tablecloth and secretly kicked hard at his shins.

He snorted, and his thin lips slipped to her ear. "I have the right to do that."

"Till the afternoon." Then, she continued kicking him, but it was slighter, and it looked like they were flirting with each other.

"If you want, I can always keep the right." She didn't know that he had changed his mind and was going to extend his legitimate deadline.

While Hanson was walking on the crimson steps, he kept his eyes on Essie. He felt like he was soaked in jealousy, with his sourness even in his pores.

Looking at his eager eyes, Sunny was jealous and angry. "Shameless bitch! She confessed her love to you the da

y before yesterday and now she is hugging others? She must have been well prepared." She added fuel to the fire. Hearing that, Hanson clenched his fists. Suddenly, he stood up from the chair and walked out without saying a word.

"Where are you going? The ceremony is about to begin. " Sunny shouted. He ignored her and went out for a breath.

Sunny was exasperated. She would never allow any chance for him to be with Essie.

Seeing Essie going to the toilet, she followed with a malicious smile on her face.

"I thought you were a lotus flower, but I didn't expect you to be an obscene girl." She irritated her on purpose.

Taking a deep breath, Essie decided to ignore her, ignoring what she said.

Seeing this, Sunny changed her tone, "actually, I'm worried about you. There must be a lot of beautiful girls around your boyfriend, and you are so boring. I guess he will be tired of you in less than two months. "

"Don't worry. Even if you break up with Hanson, we won't break up! " "Humph!".

"Do you dare to bet with me?" Sunny took the opportunity to say that.

"What are we going to bet on?" Essie wanted to see what tricks Sunny was going to play.

"I bet if the relationship between you and that man can last for two months. If you two break up in advance, you lose." Sunny said slowly.

Childish, ridiculous, boring!

Again, Essie sneered at her, turned around and left. A sarcastic laughter from Sunny came from behind. "Cowardly turtle, I know you don't dare. An ordinary and boring sparrow like you won't dare. I think you'll be dumped within two weeks let alone two months, and you'll be kicked out of the Milky way."

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